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Anonymous (a8ac)

I have a question about DP verses xcel scoring. Say a child has an xcel gold routine that is equivalent in skills to a DP level 6 routine. If the child gets a 9.5 on the xcel routine, what would be an equivalent score if the child was in the DP program? I guess I would like to know how much of a difference is there between the scoring. So, for example would a 9.5 in xcel be a 9.0 in DP because of the scoring differences? I know this is probably a hard question to answer but I’m just curious if my child switched to DP how much of a difference she would see in scores.
I am not a judge but my understanding is that it's not that the actual scoring is more lenient (not taking as many deductions), but that the requirements and deductions are different. Example (not specific to gold/6)- you may need a 180 * split in DP but only need a 150 or 120 in xcel. So, whether a gymnast score the same or different really depends on how well they are performing the skills according to DP requirements and whether those skills are deducted at the same amount in both xcel and DP. It would be impossible to give an accurate answer without actually seeing the routines
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Xcel has different standards from DP so it's really difficult to say how someone would do. My daughter moved from Silver to L4 and she was no stranger to being on the podium in both levels however her scores in L4 were much lower. My DD was able to score 37's in Silver and didn't score 37 again until L7. If you watch videos of Silver or Gold and compare them to videos of L4-L6 you will see that DP is much more crisp and precise than Xcel routines. Also, my DD was considered 'old' when she moved to DP which is why she placed on those routines. Had she been in the more competitive younger age group, she would not have received as many ribbons.
My dd did JO/DP for 4 years and has been in Xcel for several years. There really is no way to say how the scores compare. It really just depends on how well she can execute the skills for the level she is competing.
FWIW: My dd's personal best scores for all of her years on each event are pretty close for JO and Xcel.
My daughter has done well in Xcel Silver and Gold (always AA on the podium) but scored her highest score on two events when scoring out of L4 DP - on routines she practiced for maybe 3 weeks. I'm likely biased but she did look better than the "regular" L4's at the meet...but scoring is subjective and I've stopped trying to figure it out.
My kid scored 37s-38s on XG and the following season scored 37-38s on L6. I'd say that her XG AA scores were about .2-.5 higher, so not really much of a difference. As others have mentioned, I don't think the scoring is more lenient, but the requirements differ. So if the athlete meets the requirements appropriate for the level and her execution is still solid, there shouldn't be a huge difference.

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