WAG XP Floor Routine Deductions?

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Jan 26, 2018
My DD is competing Xcel platinum with the hopes of moving over to level 7 next year. She was originally heading to level 5, but our compulsory gymnast moved to xcel due to the season being cancelled.

One of the events she’s struggled with is floor, she usually scores between a 8.9 and 9.1.

During her first platinum meet she scored a 8.95 and yesterday she received her highest floor score ever, a 9.375!

I’m just wondering if anyone has any insight on the deductions she might have received? I try not to ask her much as she tends to be very quiet and doesn’t give me a lot of info lol. She did say that she’s been trying to make corrections and isn’t really sure what else to correct and isn’t sure what changed from the previous week to this week. I’ve encouraged her to talk to her coach, but she’s a bit quiet.

XP Floor Routine Video

disclaimer: I’m not trying to be her coach :) there were some pretty high scores yesterday (9.6s), so it just left me curious as to what she may have gotten deductions on. I’m pretty sure her second tumbling pass, and perhaps artistry since she’s a bit shy and doesn’t really “perform”, but I’m wondering if I’m missing anything else?
I asked my XP her thoughts. Remember she's a gymnast, not a judge!

Needs to point feet more.
The move after the stag jump could be cleaned up.
Obviously the step on the FHS-FT is a deduction - she says a step back is more deduction than a step forward.
Chest was a little low on the first pass.

Hope she enjoys her season!
I’m not a judge, but have been a gym mom of 2 for 6 years, both in the XCEL and JO worlds, so this is all anecdotal observation. It seems like maybe she was a little early on the first tumbling pass, as there were a few seconds of pause after where she was waiting to time her next moves up with the music. My DD2 does XG and her coaches told her to make something up to fill in the extra time because pauses if she is early because it can be a deduction- not sure if that is actually true or not. The movements while she is on the ground could be cleaned up a little more with pointed toes and more of a dramatic effect.
a 9.375 is a great a score, but it is always disheartening to have such a great personal best and still have people out scoring her. Tell her to keep her head up and keep up the good work! And good luck with the transition to L7!
So, honestly, my best guess is she's being tenthed to death. She never seems tight, and her movements don't extend or fully finish. She has an unusual dance connection, but her knees and feet are loose all through it. She's getting deductions for every flexed foot and soft knee, and her routine is pretty long. My daughter's Platinum routine is 1 minute long - yours has an extra 24 seconds to get deductions!

Mine had 4 full seasons of being tenthed to death on floor for lack of tightness and seems to have fixed it just in time to lose for amplitude of tumbling and uneven split instead. :p
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Just little bits, little bits, little bits. She needs to point a little harder, squeeze a little tighter, show off a little more. I agree that the routine is long. It is hard when you have a long routine. I don’t even let my 7s have a routine that is that long.
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Thanks everyone! You’ve confirmed much of what I suspected! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she’ll get tighten up and point those toes a little more...!
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