Y-scale & B skills

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Sep 22, 2007
Wisconsin, US
A Y-scale is an A skill, right? Does going on your toes while doing it or having your leg as close to your body/face change that at all?

I'm a prep. op. competing at YMCA nationals this year and thus my routines have to meet the requirements of the state it's hosted in and I'm missing a B skill on beam. Since the Y-scale is one of the easiest, best, and most consistent beam skill for me, I was wondering if anything could be done with it to make it harder...

I've tried other B skills I know of, but they all feel weird or are not consistent...and I don't have any of them on the high beam. I've tried tuck jump 1/2, 3/4 jump, 1/2 cat leap, roundoff...the roundoff is the best skill of those but I don't have it on the high beam... and 3/2 turn and backhandspring are out of question...I am wondering whether there are any B variations of the backwalkover...

Any suggestions? Thanks.


Feb 3, 2009
If you mean a Balance Stand on one foot with the free leg in sideward position, if that position is held for 2 sec. above a 40 degree angle, it's a B element. You can't hold your leg though, because it says "free" leg. Also, you don't need to be on toe.
I don't know if YMCA rules are the same as USAG.
As for the back walkover, if you do a back walkover and lower to a clear straddle support, it's a B element. Do a back walkover to a handstand (legs together) and press down like the reverse of a press handstand. I've done these and the trick to NOT crotching the beam (which really hurts!) is to make sure you lean forward a bit as you lower yourself down to the clear straddle support. I hope this info helps you meet the requirements. I wish you well at your competition! :)


Sep 22, 2007
Wisconsin, US
Thanks. About the free leg Y-scale/side scale...how do I make sure that my coaches/any judge know it's a B skill? I've tried it, and I think the free leg is held at just about 40 degrees (I think)...I don't know how to train/stretch it to go higher...


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Dec 8, 2007
I'm at a PA YMCA so I'm trying to think of what B's on beam would be.. Prep ops at my gym do like cartwheels and handstands and tuck jumps and split jumps. and Split leaps. I think a split jump would be a B ? I'm not exactly sure though.


Juni, here are a few "B" beam skills, and a few "C" skills that are allowed as "B" skills:
Split Jump
Front Scale on toe (hold 2 sec)
Dive Roll
Dive Cartwheel
Back extension roll
Acceptable "C" skills: Switch leg leaps, Straddle jump (facing the end of beam)
If you are able to hold a press there are some "B" level mounts you can do to fulfill the B requirement
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