Yay for John and the rest of the US men!!

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Proud Parent
Nov 18, 2011
Region 7
Who has ACL surgery in the winter and wins a bronze medal on parallel bars behind Kohei Uchimura the next fall? JOHN OROZCO, that's who!! Soooooo thrilled for that young man, who was not even originally on the team!

All in all, very happy for the guys, many of whom are returning to the US with heavier gym bags than the ones they brought. Who would have picked Steve Legendre for a vault medal? Wow!

Can't wait to see Sam on fire next year.


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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
I know! it was great to see the men so well represented! I just wish Sam had medaled on something but that should fuel his fire for the next year!!
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