YAY!! good meet!

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Apr 15, 2008
Hola peeps!
So i just got back from my state meet! i di a great job, and so did my teammates that were in my session. I am the new Beam and Bars champion! yay! haha has anybody had a good or bad meet recently?? well congrats to you if you did. i would love to hear about it!:D


The reigning :bars: and :beam: Champ of MA!!
Great Job!!!! That's so awesome!

I haven't had any meets since states, but that was my best meet on 3 out of 4 events (and my worst on the 4th, but oh well). That really is amazing to be champ on 2 events! :)
At state championships I did good for my very first championship! (I think)

I got 1st on: Bar, Beam
I got 2nd on: Floor
I got 4th on: Vault (not my specialty) (But I actually did better than usual!)

I also got 1st overall! I am the champion of my age group! I am so happy that my first year of gymnastics, on a team, went so wonderful. (Thank you Lord!) =)

I also did amazingly well on beam. I got 1st, but I scored 9.85! It's really high for me considering I had a scary fall and it kind of 'wigged' me out! LOL...I'm over it now though! I actually acheived my level 4 dismount off of the beam and a cartwheel! Woo hoo!

How did everyone else do?

BTW: Congrats! You did fabulous! Good luck in your upcoming levels and years of gymnastics!

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