Parents Yay!! LSU gymnastics!

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Jul 1, 2012
South Louisiana
Some of the moms at our gym got together and planned a small trip to see the LSU Flying Tigers. DD is soooo excited. She is a big Lloimincia Hall fan. If you haven't seen or heard of her, check this out:
LSU vs ARK 15-Feb-2013 Lloimincia Hall 9.95 FX | Video | Gymnastike
One of the most amazing floor routines!!! She scored a 9.95 on that competition, but has also gotten 10's on it.
DD has been walking around the house shouting "Introducing.....Lloooooiiiiiimincia Haaaaalllll" like the guy in the video. It's hysterical. Anyway, we can't wait to see this meet. They're competing against Georgia. Go Tigers!!!
Hope you guys have a great time! College gymnastics is a lot of fun to watch. Your DD will love it :)

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MY DD's and I love, love, love Lloimincia Hall (but we're in Gator country so we're not allowed to say that out loud :))!!! I am planning on taking my girls to the Southeast Regional Championships in Gainesville in April in hopes of seeing her. The LSU gymnasts seem to have so much fun. We also love the young lady from LSU (can't think of her name) who does the moonwalk on the beam during her routine :)
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We also love the young lady from LSU (can't think of her name) who does the moonwalk on the beam during her routine :)
Jessica Savona. I like her too.
I love that while the floor routines are being performed, all their teammates are standing on the side doing the hand motions right along with them. They dance with them while they cheer them on. It's so awesome!! They just look like they are having so much fun! You can see it in that video I posted.
We are going to the SEC Championships in Arkansas and can't wait to see some AMAZING Gymnastics!!
Maybe I'm in the minority here, but Lloimincia's style just isn't for me. She is an amazing tumbler and her jumps and leaps are awesome, but she's not artistic. It looks like other than the actual skills, she could go out there and gyrate and just wing the "dance" parts of her routine.

I do think it's great that she's out there doing her own thing, and she's having fun ;)
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Great article! I guess I think her routine is just FUN! I don't see why other dance styles can't be introduced into gymnastics. There is no rule that says "only ballet". I think the sport would be pretty boring if that's all we got to see. And love it or hate it, hip hop is a style of dance. Just my 2 cents.
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Liomincia Hall's floor routines are fun to watch. Hip hop dance styles might not be considered artistic by many but I think they are. Because of her body type I think she would look somewhat awkward peforming the more traditional floor routines. Her routines fit her body type and her personality! :)
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