Yay! There was no "drama"

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May 25, 2016
I was just thinking about it, and I am so happy that the media didn't set up Simone and Aly in some sort of rivalry.

I might be remembering it incorrectly, but I feel like in 2008 you were either in Shawn's camp or Nastia's and the media capitalized on that, making it seem like a rivalry.
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It's awfully difficult (and foolish) to conjure up a rivalry when you are taking about perhaps the greatest gymnast ever and a woman who understood very clearly going into the Olympics the best she was going to do was compete for silver, much less not even know she'd qualify for the All-Around.
Yes, Aly clearly knew her role and worked her buns off to peak at the games. I was thrilled she won silver and look forward to seeing what's next for her.
exactly. But Aly not only clearly knew her role, she accepted it with grace and even joy. She has said openly and repeatedly that Simone is well beyond all of the others. She felt no need to try to compete with Simone. What was so overwhelmingly joyful in their Gold and silver was the fact that they both celebrated the other. Simone knows she is the best but is as modest and generous as they come. Aly knows she cannot compete with Simone nor does she want to. Two outstanding athletes, outstanding sportsmanship.
Well, the reality is that there was indeed rivalry between Nastia and Shawn, whereas there was none between Simone and Aly. None of this was a mere media creation.
That, I did not know. I thought it was all the media trying to bump their ratings. Ya learn something new every day. :)
It's funny, now in social media they are good friends. They went through a lot together and time has softened the rivalry. Together they can remind people of their accomplishments.
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I think the way Simone was hugging Aly and motioning Aly to join her on the floor as she waved to the crowd definitely shows friendship. They seemed so happy with each other's accomplishments that I am not sure how they could be considered rivals. Simone is in a league of her own, so its not like Aly was really close to beating her.
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Not so sure thats true. I doubt they are friends.

Agreed, but lately they have been appearing in social media together. Picts in Rio together and at Shawn's wedding. They are boosting each other and at least some of the animosity seems tamer.

I don't think they are close friends they do recognize that they can boost each other's careers.
Nastia went to Shawn's wedding and has visited her for holidays and such. Seems a little extreme if it's all just a publicity stunt.
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