For Parents Yea! Nastia is back on track! 1st L4 meet

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Hello all! It's been a while, but I feel a need to gloat.

I imagine it's typical for summer training to be somewhat boring, repetitive, disconnected, and still challenging to constantly remind herself how much she loves the sport? We can't be alone. I mean, when iCarly trumps gym, something is clearly out of balance.

This on top of me being sick more and more, and not being able to watch her, or work with her as much as I used too at home, I’m sure added to her discouragement.

Nastia had her first L4 competition last Saturday. She was nervous and not very confident that she could pull off the same numbers as she did last year as an L3. Even the coaches reminded these new L4's that 8's should be expected, and not to get discouraged. Mom and I of course pressed that having fun, and doing her best (not being the best) was all that could ever expect.

Beam - 9.15 (2nd)
Bars - 9.5 (1st)
Floor - 9.4 (1st)
Vault - 9.6. (1st)
AA = 37.65 (1st) highest AA at the meet - beating even the veteran L4's of any age group.

You're looking at one proud dad! And the best part is, Nastia's enthusiasm has tripled, which always makes me smile. This is the first week she was looking forward to weekly practices for a very long while.

Seems that this is a new beginning for Nastia, and a new year to fill with fond memories for me.
Feb 26, 2007
Welcome back TIm, you have been missed.

THose are absolutely fabulous results for L4, Nastia is going to have an amazing season. I know she works very hard and deserves to do well, so glad that she had fun too.

As for you I hope your health issues are not too severe. Try and stick around, so you can gloat some more as the season progresses!


Wow, those are some incredible scores for her first L4 meet! Glad to hear that she is reinvigorated about gym. I think sometimes they lose sight of what it's all about over the summer and competition gets them back into the groove. Sounds like Nastia is headed for one heck of an L4 season! Congratulations to her!


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
WOW ! Amazing scores Way to go Nastia !!

Like Bog, I hope your health issues are not too severe and welcome back. We have missed you around the CB !


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Wonderful job Nastia!!! Hope this renews your love for gym!

She must have looked beautiful out there! Does the gym not balance L4 skills with uptraining? Abby always looks forward to gym and is always ready to give up whatever she is doing to go to practice. Her gym does an amazing job of not making things too serious at the compulsory level, they still uptrain and have fun even during meet season. All work and no play can be very hard, even when they LOVE gym. Hope they keep her happy and challenged this season. Going to meets and shining will help as well! :D

Welcome back! Hope you will be feeling better and healthier soon.


HOLY COW! Those are some pretty impressive scores :)! Good job Nastia!!!!

Are you sure she's not ready for L5????? :D She's going to have an amazing year!


Midget's Dad

I echo everything said. Wow!! Great scores!

Health issues take a toll on everyone in the family. My dw suffers from several and it can be very tough, especially on kids. I hope that yours are not too serious and that things get better.
Wow!! Incredible results!!! She must be walking around in a dream like state, those scores are unreal:D

I hope you feel better, it's difficult when you know your illness impacts your children. I've found my girls to be an even bigger blessing than I'd ever known, watching them develop more compassion and strength everyday.

Take care, and please come back when you can to share Nastia's gym adventures with her Chalkbucket Cheerleaders!


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Glad to see you back on here Tim_Dad! Hope you are doing well! Sounds like Natsia certainly is thriving!!!! Those are some awesome scores!!! WTG!!!! She is gonna have an great season, sit back & enjoy!:D


Dude, she rocked!!!!! Those are great scores, she's a real competitor. I hope you feel better.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
WELCOME back Tim! CONGRATS to Miss Nastia! When they called her name to come up for those HUGE scores they must have thought it was the "other" Nastia, LOL
Sounds like she is going to have awesome year, so glad she's feeling confident and happy!


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
WOW that is awesome awesome awesome!:D
Big big congrats to her...sounds like she is ready for L5!


Your last name is not Luikin by chance, is it? WOW, those are unbelievable scores for a second yr level 4 at her last meet, let alone a first year level 4 in her first meet...

Great job..:D:D



Awesome! Congratulations to Nastia! (Could it be the name? :D She seriously must love that name since she's a gymnast, too! :))
I pray that you get better soon.
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