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i have always loved gymnastics:D

but....once i hit around 9 years old
{and yes its like thats when you start to learn new things and become better}
but then i got into just reguarl Cheerleading,Track & Field,Volleyball,and Piano
but gymnastics has always been in my was just time...i didnt have the time:(
BUT NOW I HAVE TIME:slaphappy::D
Back at begginer level and im farily well at it but im worried that i wont be as good as i can....because i've gottin' older and i know that usually it doesn't really matter about age so much because there's 20 year old's gymnast out there and THEY ARE AWESOME
and i feel like age for me has hindered my chances in some way:ashamed:
only beacuse i have grown im 14 and 5'4 plus a little bit of a kluts
but i dont know..........i just need advice:confused:


I really encourage you to go through with gymnastics.

I'm turning 18 next week, and started a few months ago.

I don't regret it one bit.

If this is something you really really want, which it is, go for it!!


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Feb 19, 2007
If you love it, go for it! My DD is 14 as well. She loves it, has fun, and is so physically fit! It's a great sport.
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