yes another one about a new...

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OK i know i have told you about the new gym and i want you to tell me waht i you would do if you waer in my place would you chang gym cus right that is am opshon becues i just stared that gym but i dont want to find a gym nexed summer cus i dont want to get atached u know i shoul be used to changes i have moved at least 13-14 times in the last 12 years .ya i have been throu a jk but waht do you think?????????????:confused::confused:


Aug 3, 2008
ditto. Hun you REALLY have got to start proof reading your typing. People can't read what you are writing like at all.

Oct 1, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Well if you've got to change gyms than change i'd perfer to stay at one with my friends rather than hopping all about the place. Why did you have to switch gyms so often?


Staff member
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Sep 4, 2008
If it is a choice between not going to gym or starting at a new one because of a move, then I would recommend you find the new gym. Working out is a great stress release and a good way for you to make some new friends in your new town. I also don't understand why your new gym won't let you compete.

When you write using all of that texting code and don't spell correctly we can't understand you. It's almost like you are writing in a foreign language that only you understand. If you need help with proof reading look at the top right corner of the reply box. There is an icon with ABC and a check mark. If you click it it will check your spelling errors and we could understand you better.


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Feb 26, 2007
Gymgirly is no longer a member here as she is under thirteen and did not have parental permission to be on the site. Legally we have to have proof.
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