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Dec 21, 2008
Does anyone use the ten sports? I am trying to decide between sticking with the US gloves I have, going Reisport, or going to the ten sports. I like the wider grips, and the ten sport seems comparable to the US gloves,(and pricing) but I don't know about the Reisports? How are they in comparison-if anyone knows. (Sorry if this question is long winded, been studying all day and my brain is fried!)
Yes, i use Ten Sport, and I LOVE them :) I think that ten sport and Rei sport are similar, the reisport ones tend to turn yellow-ish and and feel slippery to me, but my friend's us reisport and say that they love them. I have had ten sport my whole gymnastics career and i don't have a bad thing to say about them :) (yes, i am very biased towards my grips, lol!)
My DD just switched to Reisports the end of last season(from narrow Just Right Grips), and she LOVES them!!! She has not one bad thing to say about Reisports, I think we found her 'brand'. But everyone is different. We asked for a lot of advice before going to the Reisports, so yes, ask around before you make your decision. They are a rather big investment. Good luck!
I LOVE Reisports!! That is the only brand of grips I've had, and the only ones I ever will have. I get the buckel kind so you don't have to keep fixing them. Alot of my friends have 10.0 ones and they like those. Hope you choose the right kind for you!!
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