For Parents Yet another injury for Bog Baby

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Feb 26, 2007
So my oldest DD, 11 years, is injured yet again. She has somehow strained a tendon in her leg/ankle. It runs down the outside of the leg, under the bumpy bone on the foot and under the edge of the foot. She cannot walk and run without pain. This has been for about a week, she iced it, stretched it and took advil with no improvement.:(

So I took her to the sports therapist today, she says no running, jumping, dismounts and even too much walking for the next week at least. The ankle is heavily taped to stop it moving.

She went to gym tonight, but is feeling so frustrated, they did bars, no dismounts though. Then floor, all she could do was gingerly walk through her routine. She is thinking of not going for the next week as it is so hard to do nothing. She cannot go in another group as there isn't one!!!

I have ordered gym shoes for her today which I will take to a podiatrist to have inserts made to help her with the pronation when she walks and runs, it definitely is part of her problem.

She has a meet on the 6th April and once more feels as though she will not be ready. She just asks why she is the only one who gets hurt, everyone else at the gym is just fine. Poor little Bog, I really feel for her. She loves gym so much and she just doesn't seem to get a break.

I know there is nothing most of you can add, but it is just so good to share with some crazy people who get this sport:D. Even her Dad wonders why she doesn't just quit.
Jan 17, 2008
Bog - Sorry to hear about Baby Bog's injury! It is never easy. Is your season winding down? Not that an injury is ever a good thing but sometimes there are better times to be injured. (that is something that only us crazy gym mom's say)

My DD sprained a wrist last summer, about 3 weeks before going away to gymnastics camp. She was put on restriction for 2 weeks. Then went back to full training and it was still hurting. So the doctor thought it might be broken. The only way he would release her for camp is was to do an MRI.

This whole time I am telling DD that we can skip camp and just go a different time, this was an unacceptable alternative since her team was all scheduled to go during this one week.

We had the MRI and was released for camp. The unfortunate thing was I had to conver a $500 deductible and 20% of the MRI. Gymnastics Camp Costs WAYYY to much last year! DH did not appreciate it!

I hope things heal quickly, and Baby bog can be on the way to gymnastics greatness again soon!


Poor Baby Bog! Tell her I'm thinking of her and sending good 'get well' wishes her way.


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Poor BabyBog,

I sure wish I had some wise words of wisdom. Tell her we will keep her in our prayers and that we hope she feels well enough for her meet. Let her know that my dd had a rough meet after being out w/ illness and that it is ok. She was worried at first but we told her that all we wanted was for her to have fun and to do her best and that her best after illness (or injury) will not be the same as her best at other times and that is OK.

Again - we will continue to keep her in our prayers that she will heal quickly and have a great meet in April.


I'm so sorry to head about her injury :( Sending good thoughts and prayers your way that it heals really fast.


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Feb 26, 2007
Thanks for all your lovely words and thoughts. I am crossing my fingers that this heals quickly, Bog Baby is trying very hard to stick to the rules. Hard for gymnasts not to jump. My girls have a hard time walking across our stripped pine floors as they are the same width as a beam, it's always an opportunity to do some beam jumps or turns. I had to ban the handstands though after someone whacked their foot on the table!

I totally get the summer camp thing, last year Bog Baby went with a hip bursitis as she couldn't bear not to go, she had to ice all the time and sit out vault and tumbling on the rod floor, they do have air track and tumbletrak and she did use those. It is very hard for them to get left out and left behind.
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
awwwwwwwwwwwwww I hope it heals mega fast and it is nothing more than a quick short term inconvenience. Injuries are the pits:( I hope she can compete injury free in April.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
So sorry to hear that she is injured. I hope she recovers quickly. You have an amazingly strong little girl, obviously very dedicated to gymnastics.
Oct 1, 2007
Campbell, CA

I call my dd "babybug", so I found "babybog" to be very endearing.
My dd, who just turned 12 the other day, has been injured three times in the last three years. First she broke her thumb/hand and was in a cast for a month. Then she suffered a hairline on the ball of her foot and had to wear a boot for a month. Finally, she has had chronic pain on the side bottom of her foot near her right small toe. The first two injuries were in the summer when we were not competing, though we were preparing for tops. The third injury, which is ongoing, is during her level eight season. Babybug has overcome these injuries with both rehab and a particular state of mind. Latter is just as important as the rehab. It's a recognition that injuries happen but also a resolve to endure, to overcome, to persevere. Let her know she is not alone and that she must work on this tough state of mind as often and as diligently as she works on her conditioning. A tough body plus a tough mind equals a strong gymnast. She needs both. Don't miss gym for even a day. There are skills and conditioning which she can continue to do while she heals. When dd had a cast on one hand, she would wear weights on the other hand to stay balanced. When she wore a boot, she wore weights on the other foot. Latter looked hilarious when she was doing press handstands. Keep working. Add some levity to the situation by taking some pictures of babybog in awkwards situations, like when my dd was doing her presses. Keep babybog distracted and happy. Don't let her get down. Let her know she has company.

Goodluck and goodhealth to Babybog.



I'm sorry to hear about the injury Bogwoppit. I hope that whatever it is heals quickly and she is able to get back into the gym to do more. I am sure it is discouraging to her not to be able to do so much. Hopefully, the shoes will help.

Jul 12, 2007
bog, I am so incredibly sorry for T:(... She has already endured so much over the last year as it is. I wish I had advice for the injury... continue to R.I.C.E it and just remain positive for her... please also let her know that we think she is one amazing kid. Her mental toughness and her ability to maintain her love for the sport despite adversity shows such character! She will get through this... let us know how things go.

We are also sending her well wishes and very positive thoughts.... to you both actually, because parent to parent I know how tough it is to see our children suffer in any way shape or form - I am sorry I can't offer anything more than that, but just know that someone in the states is rooting for you all:D

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