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Hi All,

I am a proud parent of two gymnasts. They both participate in AAU, my 6 year old is on Team 3 and my 9 year old is on Team 5 and TOPS. We are located inn Florida. I am clueless about the differences between AAU, USAG - and really , what the heck is TOPS??? Why compete AAU vs. USAG??? I believe the my 9 year old will soon be competing in USAG - but why do both and why compete in the spring and fall - is it just for experience?? When I get into discussions at my gym, cynical parents says its all about money. Is it really that simple?? Sorry - many questions...:rolleyes:
Where in FL? AAU tends to be "touchy feely" in a way...very good for lower levels and building self-esteem. The "big dog" competition tends to be in USAG. Usually score lower in USAG than AAU altho not always. My daughter did strictly AAU until Level 5 and then did both AAU and USAG until level 8. Now exclusively USAG. The feeling in optional levels is that AAU does not have the necessary level of competition. Often optional meets are very small because the gymnasts are all competing USAG. I think AAU is a great way to start but if serious about gymnastics need to move to USAG usually around level 5.
TOPS stands for Talented Opportunity Program. Your nine year old was tested for that and it seems, has something special as a gymnast.
We are all here for the same reason basically! We can find out information about gymnastics and not feel funny about asking. I have questions but dont want to always ask my daughters coaches so I come here! My daughter was in TOPS training but we moved and had too join another gym and they dont offer TOPS there. She is still doing great through the USAG program. She is a level 6. Welcome
Not open for further replies.