YMCA and club whats the differences?

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Well i just got back from a meet this weekend in Knoxville and i'm not really sure about YMCA gym. but there was a YMCA gym there. I don't know about how they train or anything, but they certainly do competitions just like other gyms.
Club has much much more practice time and probably less girls to a piece of equipment.

YMCA which is where I go.... We only have half the gym and we clean and set up the gym after and before every practice, but we go to open gyms to work out more.
At my YMCA, we can practice up to four times a week, plus open gym on Sundays. We don't have to set up and take down anymore(we did six years ago, but not now YAY!)
LUCKY! I'm jealous :)

HAHAHA. We used to only one strip of spring floor. Then we got a full one. Then the Y decided to add on another wing, we got the old basketball gym permanently, and a new b-ball court was built in addition to a new aerobics studio.
I do gymnastics at the Y too because it's a heck of a lot cheaper than all the other gyms in my area and they don't require that we are absolutely at every practice all the time. We have kids who are in plays and a couple girls who miss practice once in a while due to homework.

Our gym is small. One vault, one set of bars a foam floor, and a total of four beams. We have one high beam, one thats ~6 inches lower than that, a low beam and what we call the "super low beam."

levels 5-6 practice six hours a week during the school year. All our optionals moved gyms when our head coach quit, but I think they only did nine hours. We have a super laid back attitude in general. We have a really small team right now (three six's, five fives) so we have never come close to winning a meet though.

The perks of gymnastics at the Y is being able to have a life outside of gymnastics at the same time. I am taking three college classes, I'm a cheerleader, and I play in the pep band for school. I have a 4.0 gpa and I still manage to fit gymnastics in, thats why I love my gym.
my experience being in both club and y gyms.
i felt at my club gym my coach didn't push us
as hard to stick just to our skills. many of us
girls were working bhs on beam and layouts
and stuff as level 5's. now of course he made
us work our level skills. but it seems like ymca
gym is so strict about never working out of
your level. i feel i was a better gymnast
at the club than at the y because i didn't
get bored with what i was doing. at all.
and ymca gymnastics is much more structured
in the competition area like going to districts
zones, etc. club seemed alot more random.
The Y is 5 minutes away from me, and I've been there for 10 of the 12 years I've been doing gymnastics (the first two were park and rec.)

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