Parents YMCA Nationals Update- Brag :)

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Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
Ok. Last I posted (I think), younger Gymmie missed qualifying for Nationals at her District Championships by less than a point after falling on her Front Hip Circle on bars... but with personal bests on bars, beam and floor (and beam was a best by 2.000 AND her first ever No-Fall).

Anyone going to Nationals had to pay for it the next week, but they had until May 13 to actually qualify. That meant that you risk losing the $100 if your gymmie doesn't qualify.

Well, friday, the gym held a "Last Chance Qualifier Meet." It was the fastest meet I have ever attended... of course there were only 4 girls competing - younger gymmie and 2 L4 teammates plus a L5 teammate. The entire meet took 30 minutes :)

They started on bars. Gymmie made her FHC and got a new Personal best by 1.450. On beam, she got spotted on her dismount because she was falling the wrong way. She was only 0.200 lower than her No-Fall at Championships. Then she went to floor - another personal best. Finally, it was vault. She tied her personal best. It all resulted in her qualifying.

All 4 girls qualified... combined, they had 12 personal best events. One of the other L4 girls crushed her previous bests on all events.

So proud of all, but especially my little monkey :D
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That is wonderful! Congrats to her, and best of luck at Nationals!
Congratulations to your DD and all her teammates! Nationals...that's fantastic! I can't wait to hear how it goes!! Good luck to your gymmie and her teammates! :)
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