You can now buy Olympic leotards...

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Jun 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
I just noticed that GK are now selling all of the Adidas Olympic leotards...probably a little pricey but hey, I suppose it's cool for kids to be able to wear them (not that I agree with it).

It's a shame though - they're only available in the USA/Canada. My favourite Terin Humphrey leo :( :( :(
I bet they are expensive. Can't have my daughter wear Adidas though, my husband works for NIKE.:yes: Shame that NIKE hasn't got gymnastics stuff, not in Europe anyway.
Yes GK has adidas Leotards

Hello from GK

Yes adidas leotards are now available to purchase in the USA and Canada (sorry International). You can get them online at:

PS - We are not on thsi board to spam. Only as a resource when apparel questions come up. Thank you
I just saw some at the GK outlet in Reading, PA & they were discounted!
Which are the olympic ones? My daughter's goal is to have every new adidas. She loves the newest one (a deep purple) she got at a meet and wants a black and white that is backordered. We have a Russian coach and he also loves adidas...that is all he wears as well.
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