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May 3, 2008
So we had really bad weather were we live and I mean BAD! There was like 20 tornados or something. So my mom wrote and e-mail out to all of her friends and family about it. She had me proofread it and the suspense was so intense. I was like going to pee myself...it was that good:). Having experienced it was weird cause I have never been in a situation like that. Here is the e-mail.

Hello everyone!

I had to share the days events with you because it figures it would happen to me. This evening, my daughter Cassidy had to work on a school project with her friend. She finished the project and was ready to come home around 7:30pm. I left the house and headed out to pick her up. The rain began to come down like crazy. It even began to hail! Even though it was pretty nasty (it takes a lot to scare me) so I decided that since we were out, we'd stop at the grocery store. As we were pulling into the parking lot, the sky began to clear in one spot in the dark sky. The kids look out through the sunroof and they start yelling, "Mom, that looks like rotation". I ,being practical of course, tell them "Oh, it's nothing. Let's just hurry up." As I open the door to the vehicle, we suddenly hear the tornado sirens. I yelled for the kids to shut the doors because we were going home. I popped the CD out of the player so we could listen to the local radio. Apparently, we were in the area of concern. As I was driving back to the house, the sky became the darkest sky I've seen during daylight hours in years. I turned onto our street and was within 3 houses of our home, when I notice a vehicle on the other side of the street stuck in water up past it's wheel wells. We can't get home. If we turn around and head the other way, we are turning into the blackness of the storm. We drove a block back towards the storm to the school hoping maybe we can get in, but all the doors are locked. The kids begin to show their fear as they realize, we are trapped. I turn back towards our home. As we approach the flood, the kids recognize their gym teacher standing out in the front yard. We stop at his house and he graciously opens his home to us. We head down into their basement and watch the news. While watching the news, we realize that we were in fact witnessing rotation while we where at Kroger's. Then around 8:30, the rain subsided temporarily and we walked through the flooding that almost reached our garage door to get home. It is now 9:50pm and there are still areas in the Miami Valley that are under a tornado warning. We are currently in the clear, but closely watching the news! I'm going to try and get back down to our distant neighbor's home to retrieve the car hopefully sometime this evening. I hope you all enjoyed our evening as much as we did. That was the most excitement we've all had together!


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Dec 8, 2007
whoa thats intense!One time we had like a tornado watch or something and the power went out at gym then the generator was smoking so we evacuated and we were running around outside in leos and no shoes and then we had to get in random cars haha.


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Feb 26, 2007
Okay that gave me goosbumps!!!:eek: Glad you and your family are fine, the weather is certainly crazy these days. Good to be prepared.
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