For Parents you know you are a gymnastics parent when...

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Something fun to do. These are some of my favorites.

You know you are a gymnastics parent when...

you load up on glitter hairspray during Halloween clearance...

you are ready in the car with tissue for those tears that come after a difficult practice...

your daughter's new competition leo costs more than your new fall wardrobe..

you can recite the movie "Stick-It"...

you budget money first for gymnastics meets, then groceries...

Let's hear yours!!


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
..... When you spend more time at the gym than at home.

...... When you have to say over and over " No, I will not spot your back tuck in the bonus room !!! "


You find yourself trying to do the dance part of your DD floor/beam routine in the kitchen just for fun when no one is looking . . .
Jan 18, 2009
When you enroll your dd in ballet, because it will HELP her gymnastics, not because you want her to be a ballerina.

When your dh asks - " How do you sit in these bleachers for hours everyday?

Love the routine thing, will have to try that - in privacy of course.
Jan 2, 2009
When you know that "giants" are not jolly and green.

When you stop saying "so-and-so learned a skill" and start saying they "got" a skill (is that why everyone always asks for fairies? we are assuming the skills just get dropped off at night while the kids are asleep?)

When your L4 child is talking about cutbacks, and shoot throughs and you actually have a clue what they are talking about.

When there is a balance beam in your living room!

Jan 31, 2009
when most of the checks you write are to your child's gym.

when you do a load of wash that is just leos.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
......when the next check you write every month after the mortgage is for the gym.
......when your DD has you play "judge" and you have to score her for all 4 events on the Living Room floor while you are trying to watch TV! the Summer while your DD runs around in a bathing suit people comment as to why she looks stacked (muscles).
.......she does a press handstand in the gym and it's no big deal and nobody pays attenttion, but she does one outside of gym and they think she is AMAZING!
....the only food anyone is allowed to eat in the car on the way to a meet is something that won't spot, stain or drip on her warm-up! and the rest of the family knows to stay clear of gymmie because at anytime she will practice a handstand, anywhere!


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
....she has a whole drawer just for leos...and it's next to the underware drawer too because it's used so often!
.....she spends so much time on her hands you are thinking about making her wear socks on those too!


Proud Parent
Mar 6, 2009
How about having a separate checking account that is just used for gymnastics?

LOL thought I was the only one!

this thread is a riot!

I have one to add . . .

. . . you change the lighting fixture in the livingroom because you're afraid your DD would hit it doing gymnastics in the livingroom
Jul 29, 2007
169 can hum the compulsory floor music for every level in your sleep.

.....when you have a bar, beam and mat in your basement and you're drug down there every day to watch, spot, judge, etc.....

......when the excessive mileage on your vehicle comes from commuting to the gym and meets.

......when you see a child who is not a gymnast trying cartwheels, bridges, splits, the monkey bars, etc. and you think to yourself, "I guess that's what a normal child looks like doing those things."

......the only time your child will pick up their stuff out of the floor, is when they want to practice their floor routine.

......when you look back at your expenses from the past month and think, "I can't believe we spent that much on gymnastics last month."
Jan 31, 2009
....the only food anyone is allowed to eat in the car on the way to a meet is something that won't spot, stain or drip on her warm-up!

HA HA - no kidding.

How about when you hear you are moving you look for a new gym before you look for a new home.
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