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Feb 21, 2015
...she sings the national anthem in the shower. Repeatedly.
...she scores many things you do ("That's about a 9.0 leaf raking job") have so many extra hairties that you use them to close things like pretzel bags
...she can open the childproof bottle of cold medicine:p....and YOU can't!:mad:
she didn't have to wear the padding for her Incredible Hulk Halloween costume :)
Nothing makes her face light up like a new Leo
She broke the kitchen chair trying to practice her shoot-through
The dogs won't go near her unless she's sitting down!
You have a "hair bag", a gym bag & a "rip/medical" bag that goes everywhere with you!
When she stands still (rarely), she always has her feet in that ballet pose :)
In 4 years of age you are called into kinder as she's somehow scaled the 2 story fort, and is happily skipping backwards & forwards along the roof-ridge pole - a scary 5 cms wide-& refuses to come down because it's so much fun!!!
games on the pull-up bar are part of the bedtime routine.
Front rolls happen everywhere
You have family rules like "no gymnastics in the car" and "no jumping off the back of the couch without a grown up to spot you"
She writes her name (she's 4), then salutes you and says "ta da!"
Stops before crossing the street are now "safety stop"s she learned for landing a vault.

In hindsight- being able to climb up & down not only the high chair but the high ladders at the playground & camping. Without help.
When you see her feet more than her face :D
When having a wedgie is normal and its acceptable to just tug at your pants anywhere
You get used to watching tv on a Saturday night with her doing a beam routine in front of you
Taking a head bashing everyday from the chin up bar
Having more leos than clothes
... at halftime in soccer, while other players are resting, catching their breath and gulping drinks, gymnast player is casually cartwheeling the length of the field..

... when between each bite of food at meal time there are either mushroom circles, or handstands..

... when 'walking' through the mall is actually a continuous floor and/or beam routine (or on hands)..

... when your elementary school child has hands thicker, rougher, and more ripped up than your mechanic..
-When your child comes home from school with a birthday invitation and says, "I told her I couldn't. I have gym that day" without even asking if she can go.
-When her siblings don't even say one word over her being in a handstand right in front of the TV....again.
- When she is at her sisters basketball game doing her beam routine on the line on the edge of the court.
- When she sits on Santa's lap at the mall and very seriously asks for a kip for Christmas. (I will never forget that lol!)
Watching Minecraft videos upside down is normal.
Falling asleep on the arm of the coach is normal.
She conditions while watching TV and doesn't realize she is doing it.
Spontaneous handstand contests can happen at anytime.
Cartwheels are a normal mode of getting around the house.
Does cartwheels all the way to the playground where she climbs the 20 foot swing set instead of swinging and only wants to play on the bars to practice her kip. Then on the walk home she has to stop at the bus stop to climb that sign too. In fairness it's not just gymnasts, DS is a huge baseball player and he's constantly swinging and invisible bat or pitching and invisible ball...which is actually more embarrassing in public than DD's cartwheeling down the street or at the grocery store ;-).
Spends more time on her hands than her feet

TV is watched through 'windshield wipers'

Time spent waiting for older brothers band concert to start is a great opportunity to practice handsprings and try and teach the other siblings cartwheels.

Spelling word practice is done with each letter punctuate with one of the following:
Part of a floor/beam routine

There are either 1,000,000 hair ponies in the house or 1,000,000 hair ponies lost at gym depending on where you are in the cycle

Wrist bands are deemed unlucky after so many missed kips ( and as a parent you don't bat an eyelash at this statement)
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