Parents you tube Video link of my girls!!

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Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
I hope this works!! my girls are the ones with the 2 french braids and ahir ribbons that match!! (oldest in front and youngest in back)
They have the braids tucked under!!
this is just the preteam dance! Ill try to get my kids vault on later!! my youngest nailed her front handsrping!! (esp for being on a real vault!! LOL and they are only preteam)

:floor: MGM, that was soooooo cute! Your girls are ADORABLE!! I wish our gym would put on a show like that... I bet they had so much fun :D They did a really great job!!!
Thanks everyone!! they had soo much fun!!
also I saw the nice comment Melmonet!! that was really nice of you!! thank you
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