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May 11, 2016
When my son started competing 5 years ago I went to YouTube to find examples of other gymnasts and meets so I would know what to expect. That being said I would LOVE to see what your gymnasts look like in action. I watch the girls and the boys gymnastics and it's WAY better than TV (in my opinion). If any of you have YouTube channels would you mind sharing them here? I would love to subscribe and follow their season.

I mainly have gymnastics videos on my channel but there are some antics from my all my boys thrown in channel is jenjean70 (just like it is here) :) I just posted his meet from Friday.
Thanks. :) Although I would hope so since it's his third year doing most of the same skills with only a few changes :)....He has competed the same floor routine with the bonuses for the past two years. Oh well- we will see how the season goes.
He looks great! My DS is a ten year old trampoline gymnast and post videos of his meets
Search for Jouke + trampoline and you will find my channel.
I think I found you- he looks great! Where are ya'll from?
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