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Proud Parent
Apr 5, 2010
Gymnasts and coaches: what is your favorite brand or type of grips for uneven bars? My daughter has been wearing reisport velcro dowel grips and uses ten-o neoprene wrist bands underneath her terry wrist bands. Anyway, she's needing a new pair of grips. Some of her teammates wear ten-o buckle grips, but seem to need the coach (me) to buckle them to make them "tight enough"...some of the kids use neoprene cuffed grips and some don't. So I was just wondering everyone's opinion, I guess...

I think maybe it somewhat depends on size and skill level of the gymnast...my daughter just turned 9 and is a level 6 under the current system and getting ready to swing giants. She's about 53 or 54 inches tall and weighs 80-85 pounds. Her hand measures exactly 6" from base of palm (very top of wrist) to the tip of middle finger.


Proud Parent
Oct 9, 2012
All of our girls in L5 wear single buckle. Bella uses the Gibson Just Right grips so she can have the thinner strip of leather across her palm.

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
My daughter loves her Ginnasta double buckle grips, until the narrow width. She is L7 and has used them since L6. She has also tried velcro and single buckle. Prefers single buckle over velcro. She is 4'6" and almost 70lbs.

She also likes the long wrist bands Ginnasta sells.

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Sep 16, 2009
I love my US glove single buckle grips. Some of my teammates use the velcro or double buckle, and like those as well. (Only issue with velcro is that it tends to wear out and be not as sticky pretty quick, and the grips need to be tightened more often)


Proud Parent
May 14, 2011
DD's coaches told the new L6s last year to get Reisport double buckle. They are no fans of the velcro, because the girls are constantly tightening them.


Proud Parent
Mar 20, 2009
My DD loves the Ginnasta velcro grips. She has the double buckle grips also (they are now her backup grips) but prefers the velcro. And like mariposa mentioned she likes the long wrist bands they sell too.


Dec 29, 2012
I love my Ballie double buckle grips which I've had for around 2 years. I think the leather is quite thick so they took a while to break in but they last really well.

I like having buckles because although they take longer to put on, I know that they will stay on and I don't need to adjust them as I remember which holes to use so they fit the same every time.
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