your most embarrassing moment(s)

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beamqueen of AZ

Personally, I really haven't done anything too bad except splitting the beam and occasionally the bar. My gym friends though... well have done it all :)


wich time?? lol. well lets see there was the time i split the bar doing a clear hip handstand. um the other time when my coach was spotting my yerchanko and i tripped and banged my head in2 his knee and i got a huge bruise on my head. um another time is when i was doing fronthandspring front tuck and i over rotated and did a complete face plant. another time was when i was vaulting (again) and i tripped(again) was i was hurdling and and i roled over the vault table. lol and another time on vault i over ran the bord and banged my knee in2 the medal part on the vault. stradled the beam ALOT!! tried sleeping on the beam at a gym sleepover. i trip over mats. i tried doing the worm on beam. and failed. tumble track. dont get me started there was this one time well actually ALOT of times wen i fell on my strate on my face!! like this one time that i was doing a double back and it was my first time with a mat in the pit, and i didnt rotate fast inuf and my leg slipped out of of the reach of my hand and i landed FLAT on my face!! most of my frends call me skates and stuff like that, but i dnt take it personal i just laugh at myself. i acctually think it is funny too. nobody is perfect and everybody falls but if u learn to laugh at yourself u dnt have to be embarresed. most of my frends call me skates and stuff like that but idk.

btw sorry its so long. but u do have to admitt the storys are pritty funny.


o and once my frend magan had to go to the bathroom really bad and the coaches didnt no how bad she had to go and she just peed rite in the middle of the floor while we were doing line drills. she is sorta like me, a clutz so if i start about her ill go on and on forever about her.


I've ripped a half dozen pairs of shorts and pants in the gym doing straddle jumps, pommel horse ( circles ), etc in the crotch.

I've bounced off an above ground tramp and been caught by my friend, my boss a few times. That could have been way bad.

Probably the most embarassing is when I had to explain why one of my guys told his little gf in the gym that I liked another coach there and dealing with that damage control. Lil bastard. Nothing like confronting that on the day of a staff meeting.

There was the one time my L5 girls told me XYZ while I was explaining our bars workout. In fact that was possibly the first time I had heard that or it had been years. That was pretty embarassing but it wasn't the only time. :eek:
Um well this one time we were having fun doing a huge group balance and i (being tiny lol) was on the top doing a handstand and cos it was right at the top my coach had to help me up. the first time i didnt kick hard enough so the second time he was like "Ok really go for it lolly. Shoot that leg as hard as you can!" So I really went for it with everything I had...and it was a great kick...only problem was that it hit my coach right where it hurts! The whole balance collapsed as he fell to the floor and he spent the whole practice rolling around on the floor embarrassing!!!!
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Sep 9, 2007
Is this in general or gymnastics?

Gymnastics... probably falling off a podium or knocking over the chalk bucket.. it went EVERYWHERE and the meet was delayed fifteen minutes :p

In general... falling over my own feet on countless occasions (including my cousin's wedding- you can see it on the tape LOL). And a lot more that I am not going to go into. Ever.

Good times.
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Feb 8, 2008
I used to be the one who pulled everyone's board for bars. I remember pulling a board for someone, but there was mats or something in the way, which threw me off balance. I was attempting to pull the board while not stepping on the board so I was doing some awkward hopping around it. I had finally gotten the board far enough back, but my balance was not improved by the hopping. I believe I did a little half turn and just sat down on the springboard. This whole springboard dance lasted about 15 seconds, so when I was sitting on the board I looked around to see if anyone saw, and it appeared as though no one did. Then from the other side of bars, an old coach who was no longer coaching but was the "gymnastics coordinator" stopped her conversation with a parents to shout across the room "I saw that!!"
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well a few years ago, when i hurdled onto the springboard, only half of my foot was on, and the other half was over the front. so i slipped and jammed my toes into the metal stand, and broke several toes. and then my friend was at a meet and was really excited because she won all around so she ran up and hopped onto the top of the podium, but her toes got caught on the side so she did a face plant into the podium. it was very funny.
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o, and then at our gym halloween sleepover, the level 7s tried to sleep on the beam (didnt work) so then we built a fort made of pit blocks and were having a pit fight at like 3 in the morning, when our coach came over and tore the fort down because we should be sleeping... not that embarrassing, but it was funny.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I am not sure...I have had tonss :)
well...i have split the beam hundreds of times. A couple times a mat slid out from under me when i fell on beam...haha. I have injured my coach a couple times...but she also busted my lip open on bars. haha, on bars, lets just say a prefer not to be spotted because the coach and i usually both get hurt...
May 22, 2009
At the Gym!
I've had my fair share but the worst was while i was vaulting, my bra broke. BROKE. it was not ver nice and i had to call me mom and all that stuff. Ya. No fun. My coach was laughing at me lol XD
ROFL at bra breaking. I remember for a while I had to wear two, because one wasn't tight enough (they were crappy ones and had stretched out over time).

Okay... Well one time my friend was doing a leap on beam, and she wasn't paying very close attention so her landing foot missed the beam and she came down right on her chest.

And then another time I was doing a back tuck off the vaulting table, but I must've started too far away from the edge or pulled in or something, because I landed with my arms like this | | on the vault, hanging off the edge. Good thing it was a pretty soft training table XD

At the end of year show, I almost hadn't been able to come because I sprained my wrist bailing out on a double BHS, so I hadn't practiced in like two weeks, so my bars were realllly really bad and I missed my low bar kip and had to do it over, then I couldn't make my high bar kip even with my coach spotting so I started flailing my legs around and eventually made a pullover... But everyone still laughed... And then on vault I over rotated my handspring and I could've sworn my feet only brushed the mat before I went straight to my face xP Yeah it wasn't a good day for me, I messed up my floor routine and fell about three times on beam.

Just a couple of days ago I was doing back walkovers on the low beam, and my coach was trying to get me to do it by myself, and my hands were like almost to the beam but then I got scared and stood up xD I did make it later though.
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