MAG Yucky Legs on my boy!

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Hi, I am currently a qualified girls coach in Australia. I am training in MAG at the moment. My son who is 10 and has bi-polar (hence why I am training him). He is currently at Level 4. My problem is that he has really shocking legs, for instance he does his floor his legs are quite good, straight, together leg tention not to bad. But you put him up on rings, hb etc, there are revolting legs apart bent you all no the drill!

What I am after is any leg tension excerises whilst he is up on an apparatus. He remembers on the ground, but I don't think he realises what his legs are doing up there?????

Any idea's would be appreciated. Until I help him with this he will struggle going through the higher levels.


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Jun 6, 2008
I have seen coaches put a sheet of paper, or cardboard in between toes/feet/knees. The boys must swing and keep holding the paper between their feet....

Good luck
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