For Coaches Yurchenko round off mat recommendation

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Jun 14, 2019
Hello. Our gym does not have a mat for Optionals to practice Yurchenko entry drills. They have an old panel mat to use for the round off. I am wondering what round off mat you would recommend. I have found Norberts, Gymnova (quote only, I can't tell the price) Mancino mats, and one at Ten-O. Is 36 x 36 okay or should we go for 36 x 49 so it can be placed short ways or long ways?

Any help would be appreciated.

Our gym has never had anyone compete this skill, but a few practice it and we used the Simone biles sting mat. on the back it has a pretty firm side that is similar to the mats I have seen at meets.
Not open for further replies.