Yurchenko Vault video

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Here's a video of me doing a yurchenko half on front off...wow, I can't believe this video was taped almost 3 years ago. Not one of my best, but still a decent one.

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Thank you. I wish I could post the rest of my videos but sadly I can't put them on youtube because they're larger than 100MB.

So - I have to pose the question, since you obviously did them -
How in the world did you muster the courage to do Yurchenkos(when you first started them)?

I remember seeing that vault when I was a little kid, and it terrified me - just the idea of sprinting towards something, making sure your feet hit the board, then blindly aiming for the vault...

Now I read that level 8s do them. Thats what I was when I quit - hell if I wouldve done that vault!!!

So did your coach ease you into them over a long time, or how...?
Great vault !! My dd can't wait until she can compete those. She is working lots of fun vaults - but is still only a level 7 - so we still have another boring year of fhs.

To answer your question, I was never really afraid of this vault. When you watched them done as a child you probably saw gymnasts competing them on the old vault horse; now, that would have terrified me. Being that I learned in the on the vault table it was pretty simple to learn. I started off by doing drills and timers onto a resi (whale) mat, and then transitioned to the vault table. I was more confident of yurchenkos than of tsuks.
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