Yurchenko vaults

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Just wondering

How long does it take to learn how to do a yurchenko vault a year, 2 months
are do you have to do drills for 5 years leading up to it ?

Thanks :confused:
If you mean learn a yurchenko and be able to compete it, my girls usually spend a year to a year and a half to learn it.We are always doing drill for this vault. I usually have the level 6's start doing some round offs up onto a height.
It took me about 5 months to learn it, but I continued to do drills once I started competing it. Have you been working drills for a while and not yet done it? Try not to get frustrated.
Well, I first started training it as a roundoff backhandspring and gradually rasing it up. After about 4 months, I hadn't really gotten anywhere with it, so I gave up.

I decided to have another go at it more recently, this time training it as a roundoff layout. It took me about half an hour to get comfortable doing timers over the table onto my back, and took me two weeks after that to get (reasonably) comfortable doing timers to my back over a table at competition height.

This was only within the last month or two, and I have not yet actually flipped it.

Keep in mind, however, that I was already (all traces of humility set aside) a very powerful tumbler with very strong aerial awareness before I ever even started working yurchenkos.
Does anyone know what level you have to be in to compete a Yurchenko? I am in Australia so our system is a bit different.
Well, I first started training it as a roundoff backhandspring and gradually rasing it up. After about 4 months, I hadn't really gotten anywhere with it, so I gave up.

You need to train it as a roundoff double layout
I've heard ( in don't know) that in australia you have to be a certain level to compete the Yurchenko.
I'm learning it by having mats stacked up behind a springboard (on the floor) and round off onto the board then backflip onto the mats (soon to be the horse). I gradually build the mats up higher as i get more comfident.
Does anyone know a really effective way of learning yurchenko??
My dd has been training this vault for about 1 yr and just started to flip it into a pit. They are forever doing timers though. Like a PP said, they also work double backs into the pit because it is a timer for the Yurchenko too. She is a 1st yr level 8 and may be able to flip in competition come Spring.

I think it has been real hard for her because she is very petite (4'4") and light (about 67#). It is much harder for her to get the power off the board in comparison to someone who is 100# and around 5' tall.

She'll get it though - she is very determined.
lil_gymnast_lanny: I learned it exactly how you are learning it and it was very effective for me. Then, as I progressed and we began working the second half of the vault more, we would stack mats up behind the vault and end either standing on them or rotating over to our backs (timers for flipping).

In the US it is either Level 8 or 9 that you can start competing them. I know you can compete them in level 9, but I'm not sure about level 8 (I think you can).
i started doing yurchenkos late in the summer and i was getting ready to flip and take them to the horse but then i sprained my ankle so i was delayed and i have yet to do them again. but it took me about 3 weeks to learn them. my coaches always had me doing a bunch of drills to help me but i picked up really quick.
level 10 in the USA has all 3 of those vaults with a start value of 10.1

do you want FIG start values? if so, i'll have to look those up.
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