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Members Only Groups

Requirement: 10 posts and 14 days as ChalkBucket member

Groups are for ChalkBucket members and cannot be viewed by guests or search engines.

Use ChalkBucket Groups to connect with others with similar interests in a more private way than the general forums. Please only request access to groups that pertain to you.

ChalkBucket members must request access to a group in order to see the threads / posts.

Please be respectful and do not violate the privacy of others.

Group members may be removed at any time by ChalkBucket Staff.

You will know that you are in a "members only" thread when it is labeled with the members only icon (eye with a slash through it). Below is an example of what the thread prefix will look like in a members only thread...

If you have 10 or more posts and have been a ChalkBucket member for 2 weeks... the following link will take you to the groups that are available to join...

Join Members Only Groups