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Hi all,
Interested to hear if anyone has had extra training with a coach beyond the standard training. Our gym offers it, and our L4 daughter is keen to progress and improve on some specific skills. She currently trains 12hrs per week, but in a team of 11 (I'm not sure what size most teams are), so wants to be able to get that 1on1 focus to hit some improvement this comp season.

Appreciate any feedback on experiences.
As I coach, it's only something I do when an athlete is doing all the drills and giving full effort at practice and is still struggling with something very specific.
We did it a handful of times when the coach recommended it for a specific skill that they just needed a little more time and a few more reps. Very specific skill training only. There are parents that want regular privates for general training and that seems like an improper use of privates and expensive.
Depends on where she is progression-wise.

Imo, private lessons are great when the athlete is right on the cusp of some significant threshhold, but 90% of the time in gymnastics training you're just grinding out incremental progress, and the bang-to-buck ratio of private lessons is pretty low during these times.

I think private lessons should be occasional, not regular.
I agree with others in this thread. Privates are best for focusing on a specific objective that is difficult to accomplish during ordinary class time. Privates with broad objectives usually have low impact relative to the cost of the lesson. For athletes that ask for privates because they just want to do more gymnastics, I would much rather they use their spare time participating in another activity that compliments their gymnastics training (dance lessons, track and field, etc.). It’s a much better return on investment and reduces the risk of injury and burnout.

Lastly, an athlete who dose not make good use of their time during regular practice should not be allowed to do privates. This sets up a perverse incentive for the athlete and can degrade team morale.

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