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    For Parents Best to stay put, right?

    Your intuition is 100% correct. Having a positive and nurturing training environment that makes your daughter happy is infinitely more important than being at a gym with more upper-level athletes. Kudos for having exactly the right mindset here, and don't let other parents make you second-guess...
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    You're not going to get it in a week, and you're going to injure yourself if you try. I'm sorry if this comes off as rude, but this is a reality that you need to accept if you want to safely progress. In the abstract, here's what I would do if I were coaching you in a facility with proper...
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    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    And this is the part I think should be removed. Confidence and personal style are not objective criteria.
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    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    It isn't. That's the problem. Which means it's up to judges to decide, and coaches and athletes have to try to predict what the judges will like and strive for this nebulous idea of artistry without any solid objective basis. I've heard of judges deducting because they didn't like the choice of...
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    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    Slight tangent: I think this is one of the GIGANTIC list of problems that results from having "artistry" as part of the evaluation of routines. The reason the crotch is so narrow and the hip cut is so high on many leos is because some people think it makes the legs look longer, which allegedly...
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    For Parents Inconsistent giants?

    Giants are always inconsistent when new. Much more than most other skills. Don't worry; they'll eventually reach the point where they feel like the easiest thing in the world.
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    round off handspring tuck

    Alright, after watching your videos and sitting down in front of a proper keyboard, here are my thoughts (edit: this turned into a gigantic wall of text, so I put a tl;dr at the bottom. I do encourage you to read the whole thing, though): FIRST AND FOREMOST, I don't condone training at home...
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    round off handspring tuck

    For undercut backhandsprings, the best solution is to work rows of 3 or more backhandsprings in a row from a stand, trying to make them as long as possible. I've got a video with more detailed progressions for this, which I'll post later when I'm not on my phone. As for the back tuck, do you...
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    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    I completely agree that the rules and norms regarding competition attire need to be relaxed, so that athletes can choose what they feel comfortable wearing while training and competing. I just don't like it when clothing is characterized as "taking on sexualization in sport," because it feeds...
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    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    On the one hand I like the intent. I fully support bucking tradition in favor of protecting athletes. But I feel like it sorta misses the point. When gymnasts are sexualized and/or abused, the problem has nothing whatsoever to do with what they wear. Beyond being a simple PR thing, I don't...
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    MAG Kaz Double Front on VT by Nick Klessing

    Nick Klessing appears poised to have this vault named after him: A bit of trivia regarding this vault: while it has not been done internationally before, it was done by one gymnast in the USA back in 2009, at Whitlow and also National Qualifiers. That gymnast who first performed it was.... me:
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    MAG Triple Pike on FX by Nikita Nagorny

    Gymnastics just keeps getting crazier
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    Practicing without a coach or space?

    Focus on strength, flexibility, and handstands above all else. Those are the things that you can train at home relatively safely and will give you the most bang for your buck. With kids, we tend to work a bunch of different skills early on because otherwise they get bored. But for an adult who...
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    For Parents Advice needed!

    Just for our perspective on what levels we're talking about, what country are you in? Each country has its own level system, and from the terminology you're using it sounds like you're not in the USA?
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    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    She's now fully vaccinated, and I'm getting my first shot tomorrow!