OT 2021 Best moments

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I will 2nd lovofu!

1st...D making it to NCAA for gymnastics was a HUGE moment. and now, the fact that he loves everything about it and the university that he had never seen before moving in is the icing on the cake.

Oldest child was accepted into an accelerated master's program and will finish with a bachelor's and master's degree in 5 years.

For me...it is the fact that the other half and I have adjusted pretty well to being empty nesters!
Gym wise, I'm just so happy that DD has great teammates and an overall positive gym environment. I love seeing her and her teammates interact during practice and meets! Those kids warm my heart every single time I see them together. This is truly a blessing that not everyone experiences.

Aside from that, I'm just thankful for the life experiences - the ups and downs - we've been through this year. We've come out on the other side in a good place.
I'm proud of myself, because every day I'm becoming a better coach. I learn something new every week. And I'm not only talking about technical side of coaching - I'm talking about my new skills in coaching human beings, especially teenagers and how to best support them and be an important and safe adult to them.
I've also learned that gymnastics is not everything in life, it's just a journey to get somewhere.

I'm also happy about teaching some big bar releases succesfully (ginger and jaeger) and proud that some of my girls have made it in the national team or pre-nartional team.

My saddest moment was when my 18 year old gymnast quit. She was the oldest in the team, and had become so close to me during the years. I LOVED coaching her and she made this decision because of injuries and eventual surgery that she needed. It was so sad, we both cried a lot. I felt devastated.

But at the same time, my best memory ever is the letter that she handed me on her last day. It was everything I could ever ask for. She wrote all those words that made me feel like I have made a difference in her life. She thanked me for being an adult when she went through her puberty and sometimes had hard time behaving respectfully at practice (this was maybe 5 times in her entire career, but yeah I remember those days, they were hard) and how she felt awful at home afterwards, and decided to send me an apology text. I remember reading those texts in tears, not because I was hurt but because I was proud of her genuine way to try to make things better.

In the letter she thanked me for being so approachable coach that she had the courage to apologize. She also wrote that she thinks that we have had ideal coach-athlete relationship and that she is super happy about that, Everything worked in our relationship, it was so easy in the end. It wasn't at first but we both worked so hard to play well together. She also wrote that I've been trusted and understanding coach and that gym has always been a safe place for her, and that she has always felt like I believe and trust in her. Absolutely precious young soul! We have decided to continue to be friends, and she will become my assistant coach.
I've become a lot more confident in programming over the course of this year (edit: and by this year, I mean last year), and expanded the range of tools I'm comfortable using.

(still no job in it, currently, but hopefully that will change soon)
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OG is doing great in college (Nursing) and comes over whenever she can. I get hugs and "I love you" regularly.
YG is taking a break from gym to try to keep her grades up. She has always struggled in school (and being compared to OG didn't help - OG was Class Salutatorian in 2020).
She also got her driver's license. She has tried to explain to people (best friend and boyfriend) exactly who I am to her and OG. She has basically given up on the big, long explanation and now just says, "She raised me."
I see her just a little more than I see OG, and get the hugs and "iLy2iab, iw iq" (I love you to infinity and beyond. I win. I quit.) just as much.

LSS has stuck with gym through a lot of struggles (minor injuries and sometimes a lack of coaches). For the practice times to work for my brother and I to transport her, she does the "early" time (4:30-6:30). This time is mostly L2-L4. She is XG and sometimes there is a L6 there too. She is basically a group of 1 or 2 at the most ... so she often stretches alone and then gets through all of the events and conditioning by 6:00. That means she gets home earlier :) She is even working skills that scare her and getting more confident. She came up with a new floor routine (90% on her own) and is KILLING it. Her vault is looking better all the time too. With only 3 regular season meets left, she will probably stay Gold for the rest of the season and save Platinum for next year. She has until January 24 to decide for sure. I will support her either way.

I had been purchasing a lot of new clothes that fit me, and the girls thought it was awesome because I actually have a similar style to them and they never knew. For Christmas, they didn't give me a very specific list. I am going to brag here because they LOVED everything I got them! Fleece-lined leggings with pockets, regular leggings with pockets, and sports bras for both. OG also got a Webkinz, and YG got a Care Bear (things they loved when they were little and still do).

I also turned 50 in mid-December. I had my BIGGEST birthday party EVER!
It was supposed to be a surprise party, but I kinda knew it was coming ... just didn't expect the number of people that were there. My previous biggest party was my family (5 people) and 2 friends. This party was: Me, my brother, my sister, OG, YG, OG's best friend, the girls' dad, stepmom, brother, and LSS, and YG's boyfriend. Also there was the boy I tutor that goes to an online school, my friend that took me shopping to keep me away until they were ready, her husband, and 2 of her 3 kids (the 3rd brought me balloons earlier in the day). There were supposed to be 4 other people there, but they were sick ... so they joined in by phone to sing "Happy Birthday." My sister did the Pizza Hut order on her own (I usually place the order) and actually got my pizza (hand tossed bacon & mushroom pizza with garlic parm sauce) right!
When I went shopping, I got a new throw blanket - a fox. I also got my favorite ice cream and blue hair dye. On New Year's Eve, I dyed my hair (to the best of my ability - my hair is uncooperative, lol). So I have started 2022 unrecognizable. My sister was quarantining as a precaution because she may have been exposed (to people who didn't have Covid), so she didn't see me in person until tonight. She has to get used to it, but it is pretty.


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Well here we are, just a few days left of 2021. What a year it’s been!

What were everyone’s best moments, proudest achievements, favourite accomplishments and greatest memories?

Gymnastics related and non gymnastics related!
Weirdly, my proudest moment was when my ODD, all in the course of a weekend, tested into level 8 with all skills competition ready on a Friday, told us she was wanted to quit gym with her reasons on a Saturday, met with the coaches to discuss on a Sunday, and then did a full practice on a Monday so mama could get videos of all the skills I'd never get to watch her compete! And she has not looked back. It was amazing to watch her wheels turn like that and realize that she is mature enough to know what she wants and what is best for her own well-being. I was also proud of myself for swallowing my sadness over this decision, and just being fully supportive.

For me, well, I got a big promotion at work (with almost no pay increase!) and managed to stay in healthcare throughout this pandemic while only losing about 60% of my mind in the process.
I've become a lot more confident in programming over the course of this year (edit: and by this year, I mean last year), and expanded the range of tools I'm comfortable using.

(still no job in it, currently, but hopefully that will change soon)
I just finished a full stack coding bootcamp myself. I'm trying to combine the skills I've just learned with my love of gymnastics by building a men's gymnastics website. It's just for fun but why not?
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