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  1. Sam1910

    Parents Help for unmedicated daughter with ADHD in tumbling

    My daughter is 9 and has been tumbling since April. She’s really good (she moved over from trampoline) and has quickly picked up skills to move up the groups in her gym. We went on holiday in summer and she came back with the biggest mental block ever and just refused to flic. Her coaches have...
  2. Tim Tibbles

    Coaches Collegiate Trampoline and Tumbling

    Hey, everyone! I am hoping to build a list of privately funded T&T scholarships. I have a couple of high school athletes that want to go to college for T&T, but since it isn't an NCAA sport, scholarships are extremely limited. Is anyone aware of any scholarships for the sport aside from what is...
  3. twinmomma

    NCAA Acrobatics and Tumbling Schedule out

    The schedule for collegiate A&T is now out. Don't discount this option as a way for your gymnast to compete in college! https://thencata.org/calendar.aspx?path=acrobaticstumbling
  4. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches An appreciation thread for Her Majesty's tumbling technique

    Anybody else hear an angelic chorus singing "hallelujah" when looking at this image, or is it just me? Arms vertical, feet behind CoM and pushing the floor back, hips extended and pushed forward, chest rising towards the ceiling, full extension through knees and toes. Textbook perfect takeoff.
  5. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Tumbling progression flowchart

    I threw these together while discussing progressions with some other coaches, thought I'd share here as well. Any feedback is welcome, and feel free to use/modify these as you see fit (so long as you credit me where appropriate).
  6. G

    WAG Level 9 tumbling passes

    For those of you that have had a daughter compete level 9, how common is it to see someone compete two tumbling passes for floor at a meet versus three? My daughter competed three passes at level 8, but this year for 9 her coach is considering having her do two passes. She has her routine...
  7. F

    Gymnasts Crooked Tumbling

    My tumbling became crooked and I am working on fixing it. I think the main problem is my round off. I am turning too early, but I don't know how to fix it. Also, when I land my round off, my feet are on one side of me, and my upper body is on the other side. I was also wondering if there was a...
  8. 3

    NCAA D3 gymnastics or D1 Acro and tumbling

    My daughter is a rising senior and will be competing L10 for the first time this year. She has been visiting D3 gymnastics schools and a D1 Acro & Tumbling school. Based on communications with coaches, we are hoping that she will get to choose one or the other. If she does get offers at both, it...
  9. E

    WAG Level 8 tumbling passes

    I'm trying to figure out what level 8 floor tumbling could look like for me. What are some possible passes that would give me full credit? And are there any pass combos that use no back tumbling? (And if that's a no, then no back twisting). Thanks!
  10. 1

    Parents Taking a tumbling/trampoline only class

    Anyone have experience at the rec levels of taking a tumbling/trampoline class in addition to regular gymnastics, in an effort to get better at floor (and because your kid likes it)?
  11. Trying_to_tumble

    Off Topic Switched to Tumbling

    Not sure exactly where this thread would go……it’s not WAG but it’s not really off topic. Idk but anyway, A few days ago I made the decision to switch from gymnastics to T & T. Although I had to bid farewell to the bars with a tear in my eye, I think it was the right choice for me. What level...
  12. Trying_to_tumble

    WAG Improving tumbling at home

    Hi, I was wondering some ways to improve tumbling at home without actually tumbling. It was fine until a few a months ago, but my parents realized I’m getting a bit too big to practice in the empty room upstairs. I can still practice walkovers/handstands in there but anything that requires...
  13. Abby..flips

    WAG Pit tumbling

    Hey, so I’ve been having a terrible mental block of tumbling into the pit. BACK tumbling specifically. Like i warm up so many round off back handsprings and my steps are fine but when I go to do the back tuck I get so scared. Can someone help me?
  14. gymnast.12

    WAG tumbling passes for xcel gold

    so im in xcel gold and i need help on my robhs in my robhs my arms always bend (not that much but enough for me to feel it) no matter how hard I block I think its an issue with my arms coming apart because I don't think I'm too weak or if I am can you give me conditioning tips? i can almost do a...
  15. D

    Parents Tumbling scoring system

    My daughter and her friend are normally acro gymnasts but do tumbling as extra to support their training. They were at a tumbling competition today and we were surprised to find my daughter scored higher than her friend who seemed to be much more controlled. Its got us wondering how tumbling is...
  16. Trying_to_tumble

    WAG Switch to Tumbling or keep doing gymnastics?

    So for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking (thinking, not really considering) about switching to trampoline and tumbling in March or April. I really, really love gymnastics but only bars and floor. Vault, for me, is kind of ‘meh’ and if all the beams in the world burnt down I wouldn’t shed a...
  17. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Can an aerial be a xcel gold tumbling pass

    For xcel gold can you do an aerial as a tumbling pass of do you need 2 connected flight skills?
  18. PTBEAN

    WAG Xcel Gold tumbling pass requirements

    With the new rules for xcel competition, I am having trouble understanding the Gold requirements for tumbling passes. I see that it says there must be two directly connected acro skills with flight in one of the passes. Would the following two passes meet this requirement: 1. Roundoff backtuck...
  19. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Are these counted as gold tumbling passes

    Would these tumble passes be fine for gold? Pass 1 Round off double backhand spring Pass 2 Fronthand spring step out round off.
  20. JBS

    Parents More Options: Acro & Tumbling And College Club Gymnastics

    With all of the talk about college gymnastics lately... we thought it would be a great time to share some more options for gymnasts moving into college! Here is our latest article from our writer Jen Kula... https://chalkbucket.com/all-about-acro-tumbling-and-college-club-gymnastics/

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