98 Ways To Say "Very Good".....

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If a child lives with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If a child lives with praise, they learn to appreciate.
If a child lives with approval, they learn to like themselves
If a child lives with acceptance & friendship, they learn to find love in the world

1. you've got it made 50. you're beautiful
2. you're on the right track 51. that's right
3. you're very good at that 52. that's good
4. that's much better 53. when i'm with you i feel like singing
5. i'm happy to see you working like that 54. good work
6. you're doing a good job 55. i'm proud of the way you worked today
7. that's the best you've ever done 56. you're really working hard today
8. i knew you could do it 57. you've just about got it
9. now you've figured it out 58. that's it
10. now you have it 59. congratulations
11. great 60. that's quite an improvement
12. keep working - you're getting better 61. you are doing much better today
13. you make it look easy 62. i sure am happy you are my child/student/etc
14. that's the right way to do it 63. you're learning fast
15. you're getting better every day 64. good for you
16. you're really growing up 65. couldn't have done it better myself
17. nice going 66. you really make being a parent/coach/caregiver fun
18. sensational 67. one more time and you'll have it
19. that's the way to do it 68. you did it that time
20. that's better 69. that's the way
21. best yet 70. super dooper
22. perfect 71. you haven't missed a thing
23. you're really going to town 72. keep up the good work
24. terrific 73. nothing can stop you now
25. much better 74. excellent
26. you've just about mastered that 75. that's the best ever
27. outstanding 76. fine
28. you did that very well 77. wonderful
29. fantastic 78. that's better than ever
30. you're really improving 79. i appreciate your hard work
31. superb 80. now that's what i call a fine job
32. keep it up 81. you must have been practicing
33. you've got that down pat 82. you're doing beautifully
34. tremendous 83. right on
35. good thinking 84. good remembering
36. keep on trying 85. you did a lot of work today
37. i've never seen anyone do it better 86. you certainly did well today
38. i like that 87. you're doing fine
39. i'm very proud of you 88. you are really learning a lot
40. i think you've got it now 89. you outdid yourself today
41. you figured that out fast 90. splendid
42. that's really nice 91. good going
43. you're right 92. marvellous
44. clever 93. you're doing the best you can
45. that's great 94. good job
46. way to go 95. you remembered
47. now you have the hang of it 96. that gives me a happy feeling
48. you've done a great job 97. well, look at you go
49. congratulations, you got it 98. Dynamite
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I think my parents have had this distributed before...they were part of 40 assets, which is a group that gets parents and kids involved in their communities.
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