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    Anon  Bad fit for gym or coach clash?

    DD can't hold still. We've worked hard to help her understand and improve her behavior, and it's gotten better, but I believe it will always be a struggle for her. Unfortunately, it drives one of her coaches crazy. I understand the coach's perspective. The coach doesn't need a distraction in...
  2. A

    Anon  When to tell a coach

    My DD is getting concerned and nervous lately. A gymmate lately began doing skills without proper training and no spots at practice. She came to the gym as "self-trained". The teammate does ask the regular coach to do the new skills but is told No due to they are working on something else and...
  3. 3

    WAG  What feedback should a parent expect from a coach?

    My 7yo daughter is part of the "WAG mini squad" working towards her Grade 6 in 2024. The club have asked us to increase the hours of coaching from 6 hrs a week to 9 hrs a week. I have no issue with this at all, however so far in the gymnastics journey there has been very little feedback...
  4. Anonymous Post

    Anon  Coach making me feel belittled and worthless.

    Hello everyone! a little background about me is that I am a current high school senior, 17 and I do xcel platnium! Ever since I came to this new gym there is this one coach (we will call her Coach A) who has made me feel that I should quit the sport. First day I got there my coach (Coach B)...
  5. A

    Anon  Coach Kissing Gymnasts

    Recently a group of gymnast friends were together and I heard them all talking about a female coach who kisses them. I walked in and said “wait, she kisses you?”. They all started saying yes it’s in the cheek and it’s so awkward because she gets so close to your mouth. 6/7 girls said they had...
  6. anonymouslyanonymous

    WAG  Bull City Gymnastics Coach Found “Not Guilty” for Sex Crimes Against Minors

    Opinions? Legal system is flawed when it comes to sexual assault cases.
  7. F

    Coaches  Hi everyone! I'm new, here to learn to be a better coach and help grow our gym

    I don't know if you want to hear my life story or not, but I'm here for advice, so I figure the more background information you have the better. I (33/m) got into gymnastics as an adult in my early 20s. I went to a friend's house who had rings hanging, I played around with them a bit, it was a...
  8. D

    Off Topic  Mean coach? Or just pushy?

    Hey guys! So I have a coach who’s kinda mean. I try my best at practice and I think my form is pretty good. I got too much power on certain tumbling, my lines are really good though. I just feel like no matter how hard I try she doesn’t notice. It sometimes seems like all I get is criticism. I...
  9. A

    Anon  Head coach possible red flags?

    Context: I (20F) am coaching competitive gymnasts under direction of our clubs head coach who’s been involved in the sport for almost 70 years. I have my own group of level 6s, HC coaches a group of level 7+. Our whole comp team is just those 2 groups, we have less than 10 kids total. I love the...
  10. X

    Off Topic  Annoying coach

    Ok so my trampoline and tumbling coach doest let me progress in my skills and he cares too much about My form and how well I place. I understand in ARTISTIC gymnastics having good form is important but I do TRAMPOLINE & TUMBLING (T&T). And in T&T nobody cares about form it all about the...
  11. A

    Anon  Utah Coach Arrested

    I post this with a heavy heart. This was a coach trusted by many in his gym and others. I was hoping to not have to post this at this time out of privacy and respect but now that’s it’s gaining national attention, it’s best that we show our love and support for those families...
  12. G

    Coaches  Coach and parent question

    Hello all, I am hoping to connect with other coaches who are also the parent of a gymnast. I am facing a dilemma and curious if anyone has been in this situation. I have been unhappy in my current employment situation for quite some time but have been staying because my children are happy and...
  13. newbiek

    Parents  Coach question

    I'm wondering what other parents would do in this situation. I have a daughter who is a level 2 who is 8. She actually said yesterday after competing that she feels like her coaches don't like her. They spent the meet scrolling on their phones. They even were posting about private lessons on the...
  14. superNova08

    WAG  Coach Issues

    So I've had issues with this one coach at my gym for a while. Being disabled, gymnastics is slightly difficult as there are some things I simply can not do. We mainly work around this, but this coach refuses even to try. A while ago, I was on beam when my heart rate got too high, and I felt like...
  15. E

    Parents  Non-parent (and coach) needing advice

    Hi parents! I've heard a lot about you! I'm back coaching gymnastics after a 10 year break. Currently, I'm coaching recreational and XCEL gymnastics (ages 5-12). While I love kids, I have none of my own, and—quite frankly—I'm out of touch with current parenting norms. (Let's just say I've been...
  16. Anonymous Post

    Anon  Should my coach say these things to me?

    Hi everyone, I would like some opinions because I want to know if I'm just being sensitive or not. So to give an example of the things he says to me, I will use today's practice as the example: I am on vault, trying a new vault for the very first time(tsuk full). This is obviously a tricky...
  17. G

    Off Topic  Gift for coach

    So my coach is taking a break from coaching, we just have a last meet left with her. I was wondering if I could give her something, but I don't know her that well, because I've only been training with her for 4-5ish months. PS: I can't buy anything parents would probably not do...
  18. O

    Coaches  Intermediate coach

    My daughter has just done this course in nsw - she heard a rumour that her pay increases due to doing said course- does anyone know if this is true ?
  19. E

    Coaches  A coach wanting to excel in Xcel

    Hello. I am a retired gymnast who tried to leave gymnastics in my past. Ten years post-retirement, I find myself back in the gym (as a coach) and in the process of catching up on all the things I missed. Yes, I just learned about this newfangled "Xcel" program, which my gym offers. Aside from...
  20. W

    Parents  level up or level down, why coach changed their mind?

    My DD started gym at 8, late to the game, then the gym downgraded the JO program to Excel program and she wasted two years there until she couldn't take it anymore because she wasn't learning new skills. So we transferred to a new gym last November.. She did great in the new gym, picking up new...