Parents A New Appreciation for What Our Gymmies Do

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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Tonight, we had our team Halloween party. While the kids were playing/dancing, some of us moms did gymnastics :D Our gym now has an adult class, but it is during the day. Tonight, we were goofing around with the coaches and first, we did trampoline, then tumble track into the pit (which I had alot of trouble getting out of!). Then we did jumps off the spring board onto a mat, where I worked up a sweat. Next, we went on beam and did the Level 4 routine (ok i chickened out after the mount). After that we practiced scales on the low beam. I skipped floor b/c I can't cartwheel. Lastly we went on bars and I tried to do a pullover. Now that was a sight to see!!! Holy cow! I was tired & sweaty and this was only about 40 mins total! My arms are killing me from trying to do bars! You gotta give these gymnasts alot of credit!!
Awesome!!! Gymnastics is definitely one of the toughest sports, but isn't it so much fun??!!!!! I'm glad you and the other moms had the opportunity to play on the equipment!
ROTFLMAO....You are very brave...did you get any on tape for the CB Challenge? We had a party last year in the gym and a couple moms did some tramp, beam and bars. I was not going up there to embarass myself but KUDOS for all that try. It does look hard, especially at my age! If I were to do the tramp I would pee myself!
I am totally impressed! Way to go!

DD has a teammate that was balking on her fly-aways on high bar. Her Mom said if she did 3 she would do a front tuck into the pit.

Of course her DD did the fly Aways.. and poor Mom.. Had to do the tuck. It is legend in the gym now.
Wow! I have a new appreciation for moms that can do gymnastics! I mean, I would be scarred for life if I went on a high beam. I try going on DD's beam at home, and I still fall off;)

Kudos for the mom who did the level 4 routine!
I hope you can walk on Monday!!!

We have a few coach/moms at the gym who can still do quite a lot. But amongst the parents it would be funny. I have done a few pullovers and hip cirlcles, they feel downright terrifying.
Now THAT would have been funny. It was all taped because we have close circuit tv in the gym..... One of the moms did the level 4 bar routine, including the dreaded mill circle. We were all very impressed!

OMG! The L4 bar routine? WOW that's awesome! I would have broken my neck trying.
I totally agree that these little/big girls are awesome. I tried to do a jump on the high beam and was terrified. I take the girls sometimes to a preschool open gym that parents have to go in with the kids and can participate. I tried to do a pullover on bars, ya right. And even walking across the high beam was scary. No way I would ever try anything besides simply walking across, so I think any kid who can get up and do any routine on the beam is awesome.
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