Am I to old for gymnastics???

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Jackie 0

i'm new too!! but i wanted to ask a real gymnast a question i started gymnastics last year and didn't do well I dislocated my shoulder ( I wasn't focused)since then I haven't been in the gym in a while but I would love to go back and train,but is my body done, am I too old now???I'm only fifteen.


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Jan 4, 2008
You are 15, how can you be too old. People can continue to learn an do gymnastics well into their 60's and 70's. In masters gymnastics competitions there are even divisions for over 60's and over 70's.

Sometimes it feels like your body is being injured easily and a lot or you are feeling to tired and struggling with skills. This has nothing to do with age or being to old. It has to do with other issue's. Diet is a common one? How healthy is your diet, most teens have a less healthy diet than they did as kids and many miss essential food groups. Also if you have recently begun menstruating or recently under gone or are undergoing a growth spurt your dietry needs will increase.

Water intake is also a big issue. Lots of water is essential to keep your body feeling healthy. Tiredness and frequent injury are often a sign of chronic dehydration.

Are you getting enough sleep, again many teens need more sleep than they did as kids because their bodies are changing a lot.

You also may just be out of shape. If you have been out of the gym for a while you may have lost a great deal of your strength and flexibility and will need to build it back up before it is safe to do the skills that your were doing before.

Jackie 0

Thanx Aussie Coach

I have all the determination in the world its just when I got hurt I was afraid and unfocused but now that you've helped me out .Theres no doubt that I will try again.Can 60 yr olds really do gymnastics ????Oh yeah I eat healthy and get enough sleep also but someone told me after a while ur body adjust and it becomes harder to train muscles


Dec 21, 2008
Yes, 60 year olds can really do gymnastics lol. But you are definitely young enough to do gymnastics, and to still be able to get pretty good too! Don't hurt yourself overdoing it, and don't get frustrated. Good luck, and have fun!


You're only 15, Jackie! You are soo not too old! I'm 23 and the oldest adult at my gym is 65. He does rings, high bar, vault-everything.
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