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Hi, I'm terrie, Mum of 3 boys, Eldest is in the British Acrobatics team, middle son is 2 next month can do trampette and forward roll and throw himself off everything, the youngest is just starting to crawl

hope your all well and happy today


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Feb 26, 2007
Welcome to the Chalkbucket. We haveing a growing number of Brits on here and I am from Manchester originally but now live In Quebec, Canada. Sounds like you have a busy life with your active trio.

Acro looks like a lot of fun, we don't have it in Canada, but I see that it is growing steadily world wide.

Hope you enjoy the forum.


Oh yes they are fun, my boys??
I also run a gym centre and acro club. national standard now. i have noticed that florida doesnt have an acro club listed at all, was trying to convince most of the kids to move there. so we could be state champs but the parents didnt go for it some how!!!!! hee hee.

thanks for the welcome
Hi guys! I'm new here too. A little bit 'bout me;

My name's Mia Haert. I know weird name. Pronounced as Me-a Heart :) I'm 13 years old and I live in Los Angeles, CA! I'm half asian and am proud of my heritage ;)

I started gymnastics last year (after I convinced my dad to let me) and now I have progressed to Level 5! I just made it into team and I am so happy about it! Being in team has always been my life long dream :). Well, maybe not life long but ever since I started gymnastics :p

Other than that, I also like track and field. My favorite event is the 100m dash! Ever since I started gymnastics, my speed has been increasing and I wonder why:confused: I even beat the best female sprinter in my age group!:D And my worse event is the long jump :(

Well, I guess that's it??



May 28, 2009
Region I
Welcome, and congratulations on making team. I know, as a coach, that a lot of my gymnast who also run track and field excell in both sports.
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