Any schools/coaches for 18 & over in South FL?

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Hey everyone, I'm 18 & live in South FL. I've been praticing contortion for over a year but would love to do more. I was wondering if anyone knew of a school or private coach/trainer in the South FL area?

Any information would be very much appreciated :)

You may have some luck calling some local gyms, here's a list of the USAG clubs in Florida:[]=&search=Search

Contortion is more of a circus art. Find anyone in your area that has anything to do with circus arts and ask them. It is a very tight knit community. Look for local circus schools, trapeze rigs, or circus shows. We have SeaWorld by us and they have Cirque de la Mer. My buddy performs in this show and knows circus artists worldwide.

Edit: Call this place and ask.
I had known about FSU, but it's a few hours away and I'm trying to find the closest thing to home. The first linked helped tons, thank you so much!
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