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  1. chalkbucket

    [Meet] Cincinnati Gymnastics Coaches Spectacular

    Cincinnati Gymnastics Coaches Spectacular
  2. A

    Anon British Gymnastics bans coaches from weighing athletes

    Any thoughts on this story from the UK? Seems sensible to me but I've seen some online commentators saying that getting to the top isn't meant to be easy or fun...
  3. N

    Parents Coaches were right

    Lol but seriously. My daughter joined preteam at 3, almost 4. Everyone else was 5 and 6. There was a CLEAR difference in skill level. Idk why they thought this was a good fit for her. She loved it so we stayed. Well, 4 months later, she looks great. The skill level different is much smaller and...
  4. G

    Coaches Appreciation for all coaches!

    I just want to start this off by saying I'm sorry for posting in this forum as I'm not a coach but here we go. A SUPER BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE AMAZING COACHES OUT THERE!! We may not tell you, but we really appreciate what you do for us! Thank you for being a consistent support pillar for us and...
  5. S

    Coaches Question From a Parent to Coaches

    Hi Coaches! I hope it is ok for me to post in here. I have a quick question and would love to hear thoughts from coaches. I recently found out that my daughter's anxiety is being triggered by a coach because he reminds her of an old coach from a gym that we left (leaving that old gym was...
  6. A

    Anon Switching coaches

    Hey just looking for an outside point of view on a decision I’m trying to make. For a bit of background information I’m a level 8 gymnast trying to go 9 next season. This will be my last year of gymnastics as I am graduating. Recently my coach went off on surgery so I have been with a different...
  7. WingingIt

    Parents Retirement and telling coaches

    My daughter has decided this will be her last season. I'm kinda sad but I know this is the right decision for her. We have 3 more meets left (last one in late June since we do USAG and AAU). When would you tell the coaches? I don't want to tell too early because I worry they'd coach her...
  8. JBS

    Coaches Join Our Facebook Group For Gymnastics Coaches!

    ChalkBucket now has a Facebook group for gymnastics coaches. Please join the group if you are a coach!
  9. Anonymous Post

    Anon Why do coaches have favorites?

    Just asking... I don't want to get kicked out of my gym if my coach looks at this so yea. This has been going on for around 3 months and my coach only pays attention to 3 gymnasts one in level 4 one in level 5 and one in level 7. I understand that the level 5 and level 7 need more attention...
  10. Anonymous Post

    Anon Travel meets are too much for us and I don't know how to explain that to the coaches... Do we get kicked out?

    We have 2 or 3 travel meets every year, and this is our second year competing. I have 2 kids in the DP (3 and 5), and they usually have a meet one day apart (e.g. Fri/L3 and Sun/L5), which means more expense for the hotel. The first travel meet was close and next to our state, so it was...
  11. SunriseGymnastics

    Coaches Looking for Team Coaches for Boys and Girls Team!

    Looking for Boy's Competitive Team Coaches (Pre-team- Level 10), as well as Girls (Pre-team- level 10) Coaches: We are currently looking for dedicated coaches (female or male) who are looking for a family atmosphere and open to sharing and receiving knowledge from other coaches to continually...
  12. JBS

    Parents Child Development Education for Coaches? (Thoughts & Resources)

    Does anyone know of any child development training that a gymnastics club could put coaches through? It could be anything from Youtube videos to an online paid certification. The only thing it can't really be is a college course. What are your thoughts on the subject of coach eduction in...
  13. B

    Coaches Where do I find coaches?

    I am starting an afterschool and Sunday program in Brooklyn. I need female instructors to teach tumbling and low level gymnastics skills for an all girls program. I am open to hiring high school students as well. Where do I find coaches? What is reasonable compensation?
  14. B

    Coaches Injuries to Coaches from your gymnasts.

    I've tried searching the forum, but google fu must be a bit weak. Just got out of hospital and now I'm on blood thinners and thus prone to bruising, etc. When it comes to coaching, how many of you have had injuries from your gymnasts while coaching. What's the worst that you've had? Don't...
  15. S

    Coaches Coaches Incentive Program

    Hello! I am the Recreational Gymnastics Director at our Gymnastics facility. I was thinking about creating a coach's incentive program. It would be a program where the coaches would earn points towards something for going above and beyond, for following policies, for making gymnastics fun and...
  16. gym_dad32608

    NCAA UCLA bringing L10 coaches to round out staff

    Very forward move by Janelle, not expected, bringing in husband/wife from L10 club world. Kyle and Autumn Graber. Anyone have any experience with these coaches? Maybe UCLA is signaling they are moving away from elites and international elites that have traditionally filled their roster...
  17. Em09

    WAG Coaches taking over from other groups...

    Okay, there's something I've begun to notice at my gym more recently. There is a very large level 4 group at my gym. The three coaches are young, about 18-22 years old. I understand that the gym is big and their group is big, but they have taken over! They decided to take all the floors on one...
  18. A

    WAG Coaches, what do you think of parents that watch the entire practice?

    My daughter recently joined her gym’s Xcel Bronze team. The gym has two separate but adjoining gyms for team and recreational classes, and the lobby for the recreational classes is filled with chairs and has a low wall separating the gym and lobby that can be easily seen over while sitting. Many...
  19. Anonymous Post

    Anon Xcel verses DP coaches choice

    How do coaches make the decision for a athlete to do DP versus Xcel? Is it always based on talent? If a coach has the option to place an athlete in either program, is xcel always for the less talented gymnasts? Obviously some girls want lesser hours, but what if hours didn’t play into it as this...