For Parents Anyone heard of online school Edgenuity?

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Dec 29, 2012
Our school district will be offering this online option to students who continue distance learning next semester: It is a 6-12 curriculum, NCAA compliant. I'm wondering if anyone knows of it and if it is a rigorous academic educational option?
My son's online charter schools uses edgenuity. From what I understand, it is a basic platform from which the individual schools can add to. For instance, our state requires certain material to be covered in various courses so the school/teacher is able to modify the curriculum to accommodate that. How rigorous the curriculum is will depend on what your district chooses to add. Last year, there was very little in the way of AP courses, but our school added several new options this year. There are honors courses for all core courses but not for electives, including foreign language (until you get up to yr 4 I believe).

The platform itself is good. It requires the student to listen/watch recorded lessons. They cannot skip through them, though they could theoretically be doing something else while the the video is playing. While in theory, this is optimal, it can be a real pain for advanced students who already know the material or could read through the material at a faster rate than watching the video. My son has struggled with this as he was used to a multi-prong approach with another platform, allowing him to choose reading, video, audio as he needed. For students used to sitting in traditional classes, the required videos would not be a big change for them though.

feel free to start a private conversation or just ask more questions here.
Not open for further replies.