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Jan 28, 2011
Worth repeating.

All I can think of is the Make it or Break It series with drama that really isn't gymnastically a reality for any gymnasts I know of. I liked the soap opera dramas but to say it was about "real life" elite gymnasts and gymnastics ..... Um Nope.

I agree. Every episode of MIOBI I found myself saying "How do these girls have time for any of this drama?" Gymnastics really is a different world.
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Deleted member D3987

Well, first thing I would suggest is that don't refer to what she's doing as "going professional" or "going pro." Maybe she is attempting to reach Elite or Level 10, but she wouldn't be going pro.

well, sure she could. Cirque! :) or signing a contract and going pro.


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Jun 21, 2013
A girl at my former gym was just warming up tumbling by doing a simple round off, rebounded, flying backwards, then ending up catching herself with her arms behind her resulting in a broken elbow, which kept her out of most gymnastics for several weeks.


Feb 16, 2014
Let me tell you about my injury. The only thing is, however, that I've been able to go back into gymnastics as you can see.

it was december 17th 2011, and I was tumbling at my gymnastics club for a Christmas show, in which there were 10 other gymnasts on the track. I was doing a series of whips, something I'd done about a million times before. But something I hadn't done was the end skill combined with the whips.

I proceeded to sprint down the track, gaining momentum before I could start the tumble.
Round off, whip, whip, whip, whip, whip, whip, was the tumble I had in mind, but the end skill wasn't there, I didn't know what to do for the dismount. I got to the third whip, and concentration was lacking, so the whip was too low. The next whip, as a result of landing so short, had no gain of rotation. What rotation was there ended up making me land in a diagonal line with the back of head to the floor, and my arm over my head.
The reaction of bringing my arm over my head broke the fall, as my arm broke. But this wasn't enough, as my neck broke too, and I suffered a blood clot, leading me to become deaf in one ear.

and that's my injury. I could never, however, come to blame the other group gymnasts for my injury, however. They did absolutely nothing wrong and it was all my fault.

I hope that's helped with your story
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