For Parents Awesome week for DD2 and DD4!

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DD2 was practicing with the lvl 6's to see if she was ready to move up. HC came up to me and said they want her as a level 6! It is great because 3 of her friends are moving up too. Also, she flipped her back tuck yesterday. She was always scared to flip! Here we come level 6!

DD4 is having a blast in her advanced pre-school program! She can do a handstand, cartwheel, forward roll, pullover, walk by herself on a medium beam, and do a back bend almost kick-over!

Just a quick update!
You know with 4 girls in gym you get to celebrate something new weekly, that almost makes up for the massive gym bills.....

Great news for DD2, she must be one happy litttle (back) flipper.
Congrats to your DD's!

You are going to have to start your own Booster Club soon! Can you imagine all 4 of them on team? LOL

Bog- Every time I think of the bills, I just think of the up coming mothers day:eek:

Kristilyn- When you are put in advanced pre-school and out of classes, that is the beginning of team. They don't compete, they pretty much do everything like classes but in a more "pushy" way. Just wait till she is on pre-team.. then the fun begins of competing in the next couple years.:eek::eek:
Congrats on exciting news! Four gymmies, YIKES! I can not even imagine, although I bet it is a blast. Good for you.:)
Yay for your 2 gymmies! Tell them to keep working hard and having fun!
Not open for further replies.