WAG Ballet slippers on Beam?

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Jun 29, 2013
I seem to have an issue with turns on Beam, and on the floor aswell, It's like my feet just don't want to turn. I i turn, my toes seem to catch on the floor/beam, and I've broken toes many times due to this. Myself and most of the girls on my team are all Ballet dancers as well and we were wondering if It's okay to use out Old Ballet slippers in training instead of Buying Acro Shoes/Beam shoes? They are just canvas with soft leather soles like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Capezio-203...Domain_0&var=550241633876&hash=item3a81370faf

Would it even be allowed in competition? Could they count as beam shoes?
I thin the acro/beam shoes have a rough surface on the bottom. Ballet slippers are very smooth. You would probably have a harder time staying on the beam with them on than being barefoot (although, turning WOULD be a lot easier, lol)
Haven't tried ballet slippers but dd tried foot undeez and they didn't work on beam at all. Hey, you never know until you try, right?
I think you would be "allowed" to wear them in completion. I also think that you would not be able to do beam without slipping everywhere. Gymnastics shoes are rougher at the bottom then ballet shoes I believe. But I don't know..if it's an AAI new beam (sandpaper-ish) then you'll be fine because of the traction on that beam. If it's an old Spieth or old AAI then it might be too slippery.
You can try, but I think you'll feel your foot slipping all over the inside of the slipper....... so be very careful and take your time getting used to them. My guess is you'll someday figure out how to turn on the ball of your foot without leaning onto your toes.
My DD used the foot undies ( something like them they had another name) and it helped. She had a big blister on the balls of both feet from practicing too many turns and they did the trick. She still has them if she comes across a beam that doesn't have the "spin" she likes and they have been allowed by the judges. She has used them on floor too to help prevent the rug burn from spins on the floor.
Not open for further replies.