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  1. G

    WAG round offs on beam

    Hi, so I did post a while back about round offs hurting my achilles tendon however I have come to a new problem with them. My right foot (my good foot) which lands in front of my roundoff on beam has been hurting like CRAZY!! at first on my heel there was a bluish bump which started appearing...
  2. Gymnast-E

    WAG Likes a certain beam??

    Ok so I am a assistant coach and for a few weeks one of the gymnasts I coach has been crying in the washroom when we go to beam. She never tells me but you can see like when someone has that look on their face that they were crying and she had that look. So I coach 3 or 5 other gymnasts...
  3. A

    WAG What level is a roundoff on beam?

    I have looked everywhere and cannot find the answer to this one. Thank you in advance!!
  4. Beam Queen

    WAG Sapphire Beam Dismount

    This year I'm planning to compete Xcel Sapphire, but I'm struggling to find a beam dismount that works well. If I'm not mistaken, I need either a B salto or a B flight skill connected to an A salto. Right now I'm working a round off back tuck, but back tucks really freak me out. My coach really...
  5. G

    Gymnasts round offs on beam

    does anybody else have bad heel pain from doing round offs? it usually goes away for me after i stop doing them a couple of min but i still feel pain from last nights practice still on my right foot. is that normal??
  6. Mthegymqueen

    WAG Balance beam mat height

    I was at practicing with a 8 inch mat under the beam, and my coach said that it wasn’t allowed and I could only have a thinner mat under neath for meets (I think it was 4 inches). I was confused when I was told this because I’ve always competed with an 8 inch mat underneath the beam. Did they...
  7. pandaamiko

    WAG Platinum beam dismount

    Can a gymnast preform a standing back tuck off the beam as a dismount in xcel platinum? Will it count?
  8. L

    Parents Level 3 - beam fear

    Hi , so I’m looking to vent but also looking for advice from veteran gym moms ! My daughter is 8yo - level 3 . She’s always had a certain level of fear on beam but has always worked through it . Last year she competed for the first time and scored ok on beam, always 9.1-9.4 . Recently her...
  9. G

    WAG Level 9 beam questions

    Would a handstand on beam fulfill the front/side acro requirement in level 9? If not, any ideas on how to fulfill this requirement? She is not flexible enough to do a front walkover or front aerial.
  10. G

    Parents Level 9 beam requirements

    Trying to figure out requirements for level 9 beam! DD is planning on competing a BHS BT as her series (B+C), switch leap jump tuck 3/4 (C+C), and a round off full dismount. She is struggling with getting an aerial or another salto, was wondering if she needs one to start from a 10? Any help...
  11. G

    WAG Level 9 beam

    My daughter is working on moving to level 9 this upcoming season. She is ready everywhere but is struggling with an on and off mental block on her backwards series on beam. She can do a single back handspring without a problem but has a block on connecting to another back skill. She is hopeful...
  12. Alex Gold

    Coaches Beam Clean-Up / Restoration

    I got a new beam that's been in someone's garage for 10 years. Lots of dust and such. I assume a damp cloth might be a first good place to start, but any ideas on how to get this baby looking good again?(And/or ideas on that curved gouge? I figured I'd just slap tape over it but I'm open to...
  13. D

    WAG Beam Mount Question DP level 6

    Weird question: Can a back extension roll be used as a beam mount? The gymnast would stand on the floor, back to the beam, and then do a back extension roll to handstand and then lay their stomach on the beam to get to front support on the beam. The reason I ask is one of my gymnasts wants it...
  14. Mthegymqueen

    WAG Beam connection/skill ideas for xcel

    Hi, I am an xcel gold gymnast trying to become a platinum next year and I am trying to find beam connections to try and compete or more acros I could try to get Acros I have competed/done or close to competing - handstand (not vertical) - forward roll landing in a sitting pose (fall on it half...
  15. A

    Anon L9 beam

    Can you repeat the same C skill in the routine? DD is planning to do BHS BT along with a split jump back tuck. Is it okay to do two back tucks in the routine or does she need a different acro skill?
  16. C

    Parents Making sense of L8 beam!

    My daughter is preparing for summer training of Level 8 and we are trying to make sense of SR and UTL for beam. She trained BHS BHS all year, but never quite got it, so if that continues how would this routine shape up BWO-BHS Round-off BWO-Gainer dismount (pike off side) Split jump- tuck 1/2...
  17. everydaygymnastics

    WAG Back walkover on beam

    Hi I have been working in my back walkover on beam and I have a mental block. I can do the walkover fine but I am scared my hands will miss the beam. Any tips?
  18. gymmom1004

    Parents Beam requirements

    For diamond, the requirement for flight says “Acro Series – with or without Flight - Minimum of one skill must achieve or pass through vertical (excluding mount or dismount); AND one (1) Acro Flight element (Isolated or Series). Would a backwalkover-backwalkover series and a backhandspring...
  19. H

    Parents First mental block: back tuck off beam

    Hello everyone! Im 13 and I started gymnastics In September 2022. (Yes I know that’s pretty late ) This is my first sport. Im currently working on a back tuck off the high beam.. but I am absolutely terrified of hitting my head on the beam. I go to gymnastics once a week on Saturday’s. I started...
  20. A

    Anon Beam Mat Safety

    In her first meet this season, my DD was warming up on beam, fell on a turn, and fractured her tibia b/c the 8" mat under the beam had been pulled farther to one side by a coach during warmups to accommodate a taller teammate that was dismounting at the same time off the other side and otherwise...