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Feb 14, 2022
I am a gymnast parent and would love to read a good book about what a parents Support system looks like along with the relationship with coaches.

My daughter has been competing for a couple years now and I am a more relaxed parent and take to heart the words that gymnastics is not a sprint but a marathon.
There is a parent who is very very involved with their gymnast and pushes their child to learn new skills, not from the coach and in my opinion over works their gymnast but there is a part of me because I am competitive to push my daughter as well but I take a step back and tell myself to trust the coach and not act like “that” kind of parent. That parent I feel will burn their gymnast out and does not have a great relationship with the coaches because they coach their child too.

Long story, I want a good book to read about being a parent for an athlete and just being supportive and maybe the psychology behind it all and to raise a confident athlete.
Not open for further replies.