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  1. Eloise_the_author

    Parents I'm a children's author looking for some advice for my next book - a gymnastics adventure for 9-12 yr olds

    Hello there, I'm a children's author, looking for some help on my next book. It's a gymnastics adventure for 9-12 year olds and it'll be coming out in 2024. I'm experienced in elite sport but not gymnastics so I was wondering if the community here could help me, especially parents of young...
  2. JBS

    ChalkBucket A - Z Gymnastics Coloring Book (Kickstarter... Help Out!)

    One of our old friends Danielle Soucy Mills (creator of Tina Tumbles) is at it again with a great new coloring book for kids. Spread the word and share this with everyone you know!
  3. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic Gymnastics books and movies

    If anyone has suggestions I would love them, especially the books. I am thirteen and almost fourteen, so I normally read Young Adult fiction. Swears and romance is fine as long as it doesn’t hint at or say anything dirty. the only gymnastics movie I have found good is stick it. books I have read...
  4. F

    Parents Parents in Sport book

    I just saw an article on British Gymnastics site about this new book aimed at parents. Thought may be of interest to this group.
  5. A

    Parents Books

    I am a gymnast parent and would love to read a good book about what a parents Support system looks like along with the relationship with coaches. My daughter has been competing for a couple years now and I am a more relaxed parent and take to heart the words that gymnastics is not a sprint but...
  6. Cac

    MAG Books

    Hi some books you recommend me( artistic gymnastic) to begin and improve Through the time
  7. G

    WAG Meet score book (Christmas gift inspiration)

    I was wondering what to give to my team girls as a Christmas gift. I wanted something fun, easy and affordable. I ended up making a printable score / note book. I'm going to print enough pages to make a book that has a page for every meet of the year. Then I'm adding a nice cover, maybe with a...
  8. MuggleMom

    Parents 1st Meet in the books

    Well we competed our first official Level 6 meet and despite some issues it went really well. The hotel we stayed at wasnt the best the beds were really uncomfortable so no one got any sleep. DD has been fighting off a cold so without sleep she was miserable in the morning for the 9am warm up...
  9. G

    WAG JO Optional Flip Book Question

    Hopefully a coach who has seen this book can help me..... My daughter wants to know what are ABCD etc. skills. There are a couple of websites that she has found, but we don't really know if those sites are accurate. The USAG Code of Points is rather expensive and way more information than she...
  10. M

    MAG Review of New Book about Title IX

    For anyone interested, finally, a scholarly book examines the issues of Title IX overreach and misapplication. Here is a detailed review/description of this book. This review is written by Christina Hoff Sommers, who was one of the very few voices raising the alarm about Title IX starting...
  11. A

    MAG Male gymnast books

    Anyone know of any?? My 8 year old read Lance Ringnald’s biography and desperately wants something similar for a road trip this weekend but I’m coming up blank. Any reading level is fine but his requirements are it must be non-fiction and must be a MALE gymnast.
  12. jenjean70

    MAG First Nationals in the books!

    My son finished his first nationals (12yo lev el 8/ JE) and going into it he wanted to be vault champ but he wasn't ready to throw his kas lay which he would have had to throw and land well because of the necessary difficulty to place among these incredible gymnasts. He did place 16th on pommel...
  13. F

    WAG First nationals is in the books...

    Lily finished 12th on vault, 6th on beam, 9th on floor and 5th all around!!!! She missed being named to the US national team by .10!!! Very proud mom!
  14. 2

    Parents Aly Raisman book for kiddos?

    Just wondering if anyone or their kids have read the new Aly Raisman book. I know my daughter would love it, but I know she mentions the sexual abuse she suffered and I'm wondering in what context, how much detail, etc...basically trying to figure out if it's appropriate for my 10 1/2 year old...
  15. jenjean70

    MAG Mock Meet as a new optional in the books!

    DS had his mock meet for level 8 today and I think it went well. His warm up tumbling on floor looked really good but when he did the routine he got winded and lost his concentration on the whip half barani ( a pass he's been struggling with) and fell and then fell on the double full right after...
  16. L

    WAG Sophia State Meet in the books

    I would have never thought when Sophia needed surgery last October that she would have any season at all. To have her compete, qualify to Nastia Cup, score her first 10 and just last weekend win three events at her State Meet has been such a blessing. Injuries are HARD but WOW the character is...
  17. P

    Parents Men's Level 8 skills book

    DS coach said DS needs to through the "level 8 book" and select some skills he wants to add. DS and I have been looking online for the book all morning and cannot find it. Does anyone know what this book is and where we can find it?
  18. NY Dad

    Parents Looking For Gymnastics Books or Magazines for my DD

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could suggest books or magazines about gymnastics for my 7 year old dd. It can be for her to read or for me to read to her. Thanks
  19. H

    Parents Memory box or book?? And acomishments...

    Were new to the competition, and I want to find a cute, fun way to keep up with my daughters achievements. How do you do it? Scores, certofocates, medals, achievements? I know y'all have some good ideas!!! I am not good at scrapbooking, but maybe I need to start? Also, if you child has a big...
  20. twinmomma

    First Meet in the Books

    Mobility meet for DD was yesterday. She did great! She was disappointed in her trampoline score, BUT I keep trying to tell her a week and a half ago she still was missing a skill so she should see it as a win and know that she has 5 months to polish it. She did get a mobility score on...

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