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I'm keen to go but I'm not sure I'll be able. We have tickets for the English before that and my daughter is already waffling on about the Milano stall so it seems she has plans for my money.

We'll see how she gets on with a weekend sat on the benches at Robin Park. If she loves it, perhaps Daddy might treat us to a day out at the British.
I don't know if I'm going this year. However, 2 years ago I entered a Milano design a leotard competition & everyone who entered got free tickets to the British Champs! I loved the experience & I even got my picture taken with Beth Tweddle, Becky & Ellie Downie (because they happened to be walking past). Big gymnastics events are so exciting! Has anyone else ever got to meet any top gymnasts at an event?
We often go to the British team championships and the first time we went dd was facing me and kind of slightly brushing against someone behind her. I signalled her to turn around and look and when she saw it was Beth Tweddle she nearly fainted!

Always get lots of autographs there and she was delighted when Danusia Francis ( one of her other faves) saw the sign she'd made for her and gave her a little wave.

That said, the best ever treat was when dh was working at an event where Beth Tweddle was and they got chatting and he told her that dd had her regional championships that weekend and Beth rang our house (whilst dd was at school) and left her a voicemail message wishing her luck!
We went to watch 09 worlds at the o2 and Nastia Luikin came and stood behind our seats to watch for half an hour. It was awesome. She was commentating I think and she looked gorgeous.
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I almost tripped Beth up on Saturday at the English. My daughter was mortally embarrassed.

Does Nastia Liukin ever not look gorgeous?
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Some of the big names on the men's side train at my gym, so I'll be cheering for them (from home, sadly). I'm particularly excited to see Jay Thompson's one-armed floor routine! :p
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