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  1. skschlag

    MAG 2023 Core Hydration Classic - MAG

    So excited for the meet this weekend! I really wish I could go, but it just didn't work out. Here are the start lists: You can watch both sessions here...
  2. Treptow

    MAG Boys MAG competitive tryout - what to expect?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. My son (8) has been in rec gymnastics for about a year now. He has been asking me since the Fall if he can try out for a competitive stream, so I recently reached out to a coach from a different gym which actually has a boys program and he agreed to have him...
  3. Dahlialover

    MAG Age brackets at regionals (mens gymnastics)

    The Region 2 Regional Championship is going on now and I’m perplexed about how they are doing the age categories. Some levels are broken up into only 2 age groups: Jr and Sr. I’m not sure the exact age cut-off between the two groups but I know a 8-year-old and a 12-year-old who are both...
  4. skschlag

    MAG Hey MAG parents/fans! Check in!

    How's the season going? What's been the best part? The hardest part? Favorite meet? Let's share! Get this board chatting about the men!
  5. Anonymous Post

    Anon Competing as an adult (MAG)

    Hey guys, i want to be a competitive gymnast. I started when i was 22, but i do sports since i was 16 years old. I dont know if its possible, heard many opinions about that. What should i do in order to use my time the best way i could? I Take around 3-4 gymnastics classes per week, and 2-3...
  6. skschlag

    NCAA MAG Week 3

    Here are the power rankings for Week 2! It should be noted that OU and Air Force have not had a "team" meet yet, so their first official meet is this weekend at Rocky Mountain Open. Here are the meets this weekend...
  7. skschlag

    NCAA MAG season starts Saturday!!

    So excited for this college season! NCAA meets: Saturday, January 7 1:00 pm Greenville, Simpson @ Michigan 4:00 pm Army @ Penn State Gymact: Washington Open Post links if you get them!!!
  8. Fairylou26

    MAG UK MAG pathways

    Hello My son is relatively new to squad gymnastics. I am trying to understand a little about the routes through with MAG and the ages they begin to compete. Also how regional and Nationals work and what grades mean! Can anyone help?! Thanks
  9. G

    MAG kip cast for MAG gymnasts without injury

    Hi there, I'm new to coaching MAG gymnast kip, casts and didn't anticipate the problems with anatomical differences, and the pain that can cause during kip, casts. What do male gymnasts do to prevent injuring themselves? Thanks for your time,
  10. Fairylou26


    Hello I was wondering if there is anyone on here who can explain how the system for MAG! I’m totally new as a MAG parent and to squad gymnastics. My other son only did recreational gymnastics so it’s a whole new world and I have no idea how competitions, levels or anything works! Can anyone out...
  11. CreateMagic

    Parents Parent Information Session Questions *MAG*

    I am holding a parent information session at our gym for all parents of boys recently invited to preteam or team. We are trying to build our program (last year we had 7 boys total--3 level 3s, 1 level 4, 1 level 5 and 2 level 7s), and one of the ways I'm working on supporting that, besides...
  12. skschlag

    MAG MAG NCAA Championships!

    Men's NCAA Championship starts TODAY!!! You can watch live. There are individual streams for each apparatus. or I think this is a stream of the meet.
  13. M

    MAG Update MAG Attire Rules

    Does anyone think that stirrup pants worn in men's gymnastics look a bit dated and old fashioned now? Shouldn't they at least have the option of wearing shorts on all apparatus as they have for floor and vault? They seem to be worn for 'tradition' rather than practicality.
  14. skschlag

    MAG Minnesota MAG lawsuit
  15. I

    MAG How to know if MAG is your sport (asking for 5 year old)

    My son (5yo) has been doing recreational gymnastics for a year. He is full of energy (possibly hyperactive), rarely gets tires and is constantly moving. Keeping him busy after school is my 2nd job. He currently attends swimming, karate and gymnastics. It feels that our gymnastics club is really...
  16. skschlag

    MAG AA Finals *May contain spoilers*

    I am so enjoying this MAG final! These men are unreal!! So strong, so precise, and really, having a great time!!!! '
  17. D

    the MAG Team Final Results

    How do you feel about how the MAG Team final turned out?
  18. dan129834

    MAG mag conditioning

    Hey, im looking for a good conditioning for my level. i can do level 4 skills, but my body is pretty strong and durable. i train 20 hours a week, and im not exhausted or getting any overuse injuries. for flexibility i already have a good session, but what can i do for conditioning? regardless...
  19. 3gymnastmom

    MAG Recalibration of MAG levels for next season?

    My son just came home from practice and described what appears to be a recalibration of MAG levels for the 2021-2022 season. In summary, all levels 7 and below are moving down 1 instead of L4, 5, 6 & 7, it’ll be L3, 4, 5 & 6. A level 4 routine now will be the L3 routine next...