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Does anyone have any information on this program? We are thinking about moving to CO and they offer this there. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it or was involved in something like this?

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
CARA is a state wide program for mulitple sports. I believe the gymnastics program that falls under it is the Eagles program. At least its the only program other than USAG in the state. Eagles start competing at L3 and use USAG routines up through L6. They do have optional levels, but I'm not sure just how they are structured. Not every gym in the state has an Eagles program, so make sure you check with gyms that might be near where you are moving. Their competitive season is April-June with a state meet. Practice hours are much less than USAG, cost is less and the program is supposed to promote a more relaxed approach to gymnastics. The program is attracting alot of girls and our gym is looking into starting a team.

Hope this helps---let me know if you have more questions!
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