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    Anon Gym building an elite program - would you stay if not on that path?

    My kid's gym has traditionally been an extremely strong JO/DP only program with the stated goal of getting girls to level 10 by freshman year and then on to a college team. They've been really successful at this and my child is most definitely still on this path. She is a 6th grade level 8 who...
  2. G

    WAG How to find gyms that offer Elite training and HOPES program in the United States.

    I hate to sound really ignorant, but we are kind of new in the sense that my daughter still at a lower level. She has these big dreams that someday she wants to be on the national team. When I spoke to her Coach, she said she should know better than that. They only go up to level 10. We would...
  3. 3

    WAG Conditioning Program

    Can anyone recommend a supplementary conditioning program for a 7 & 10 year old both training 6 hours a week in WAG team. Currently they have conditioning set by the club, but after 3 months it hasn’t changed much and now boredom has started to creep in…… Thank you in advance
  4. S

    Coaches CIT Program (Coach In Training)

    Thought I would ask here before I started the program at the gym. The program I ran at a previous gym we just did shadowing, because we were a fairly small gym, but this facility is much larger. I would like to implement a program that is even better! How do you run your CIT program? Do you...
  5. S

    Coaches Coaches Incentive Program

    Hello! I am the Recreational Gymnastics Director at our Gymnastics facility. I was thinking about creating a coach's incentive program. It would be a program where the coaches would earn points towards something for going above and beyond, for following policies, for making gymnastics fun and...
  6. JBS

    WAG Creating a Level 10+ Focused Team Program (Finances / Coaching / Athlete Selection / Facility / Etc)

    This is a split from another conversation to help people (parents primarily... I guess) understand the difficulties of running a high level (Level 10+ / Hopes / Elite) gymnastics team. This team would be one that can consistently put athletes at Level 10 Nationals and understand the Hopes /...
  7. JBS

    Off Topic Pricing A Competitive Team Program

    We have had this on the forum before somewhere... but I figured now was a good time to bring it back up as we have had some threads talking about pricing. Here are a couple posts from USA Gymnastics back in the day... Jeff Metzger's Business Tips Pricing Your Team-Part I This month we will...
  8. JBS

    Parents What Is Your IDEAL Team Program?

    Over the years on ChalkBucket and in gymnastics in general I have noticed that what is ideal to one person / family is not at all ideal for another. What is your ideal competitive program? What are the most important things for you and your athlete / family? Fun & safe are going to be assumed...
  9. JBS

    WAG USA Gymnastics 2022+ TOPs Program Discussion

    I just wanted to open up a thread to talk about the new TOPs program and see what everyone thinks about it initially? You can find the intro letter here... You can find the new TOPs program here...
  10. R

    MAG Levels and general info (UK men's program?)

    So my little man has been doing gym for a good 4 years. He’s 8 this year and only now about to do his first comp which is just floor and vault. The boys squad only has two and they are both the same age. We have no one to look up to or ask for info regarding comps etc So I was just wondering...
  11. skschlag

    MAG New Men's OPTC program coach
  12. M

    Parents How to evaluate XCEL program of gym

    I have twin girls in JO program level 3 at a local gym. Coaching was split based on level, levels 1-4 were done by one coach and 5-6 were done but another coach. The 5-6 coach left and they have not found a replacement. The owner held a meeting for the JO 1-4 parents where they stated the 1-4...
  13. skschlag

    MAG Another new program!

    Another D3 program added! That makes 2 new MAG (and WAG) programs added!! So exciting!
  14. N

    Coaches Starting A Program From Scratch

    Experienced Coaches - If you had the freedom to start a WAGprogram from scratch (gym has a not strong at all pre-k program) - where would you start. To make it more interesting, let’s say you have a strong coaching background in power tumbling, but weren’t all that familiar with coaching bars...
  15. skschlag


    WOW! This has not happened for 60 years!!! Grow NCAA grow!
  16. JBS

    Parents Xcel or Development Program: Which Is The Right Path For Your Gymnast?
  17. JBS

    WAG 2021-2029 Compulsory Program

    What does everyone think of the new compulsory program? I'll add my opinion on it when I have a bit more time... overall... many positive points. The link to the program is below...
  18. Manauia

    Anyone know of a good online gymnastics program for level 4. & 5 training?

    as My girls stay socially distanced I was wondering besides the conditioning list our coaches give them, are there good online videos they could watch to keep them interested? Conditioning list can become quite monotonous. And a little motivation and good coaching online would probably save them...
  19. T

    WAG New D1 NCAA WGYM program

    In more positive news - a new NCAA WGYM program in New York! ambitiously looking to start competing next season!